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Hometown Hero!
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Zoids Wild - 40 - English.png
Hometown Hero!
Dub Hometown Hero!
Name Translation Run! Pride of Cowards
Japanese Name 駆けろ!臆病者の誇り
Romanization Kakero! Okubyōmono no hokori
Japanese Opening Kettou
Japanese Ending best friends
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 040 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 040 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 209 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate April 20, 2019
English Airdate October 01, 2020 (Netflix)
Previous Going Rogue!
Next Needle and Thread!

Hometown Hero! is the 40th episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on the 20th of April 2019.


This episode is character development for Apex.

The team use information from a resistance member called Ryder, to learn about the great ancient treasure Z. Ryder tells them about an isolated mining colony living in fear of Death Metal.

They travel there, only to find that the town is actually pretty happy-go-lucky. But when one of the villagers mistakes Arashi for being part of Dark Metal, everyone starts to run and hide. One person tries to find a place to hide, but doesn't find a shelter that's open so he decides to play dead instead.

That's when Apex has an outburst, revealing that the man was none other than his own father, Jasper. Apex's mother, Jenny also comes out and many of the villagers recognise him. However, he's not pleased to see his parents, saying his father is only good at running away.

When he was a child, a caravan Apex's family was travelling in was attacked by a wild Rapterrix. When they took cover, Apex's father ran off, leaving Apex alone. Apex was eventually saved by Alpha Shadow. From Apex's perspective, his father had abandoned him.

Yet when the other members of Freedom talk to his parents, they reveal that Apex's father had tried to lure away the Rapterrix by running. Yet by the time he had lost the Raptor, and made it back, Apex was gone.

As this happens, the Resistance forces come back, seriously defeated. They had attempted an ambush on Dark Metal, but all of the Deleters were able to use their Dark Blasts, overwhelming the Resistance.

The villagers all run away, but find one child, Ronnie is left behind. Apex's father runs back to rescue him. Arashi and Apex arrive and save them both, Apex telling his father to run like they used to and save the boy. He does so.

But Alpha Shadow and Liger are faced with a precarious situation, Malware is present, piloting Scrapes' Knockz. Additionally, the Deleters all engage their Dark Blasts. They prove much more formidable than before.

Battalia and Analog make a smokescreen by punching holes in a reactor in the base, and they all manage to escape. As they reunite with the villagers, it turns out that Apex's father had actually heard about the Great Ancient Treasure Z. He tells them what he knew, having overhead two people talking some time ago.


  • The airing of this episode was delayed a week in Japan due to a Golf tournament.
  • In the Japanese version, a post-credit scene shows a man digging up parts.


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