Screaming! Supreme Friendship is the 44rd episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on the 18th of May 2019.


Arashi returns to the Mushi Hermit to seek out information about the Great Ancient Treasure Z. However, Death Metal learn of Arashi's location and send Caviar after him.

When Arashi arrives he finds a Zoid grave at the Hermit's location, and is quickly met by Avocado, Garlic, and Kuroame from team supreme. They talk to the Hermit, who agrees to tell them a bit about the Great Ancient Treasure Z, after some convincing from Garlic. He reveals the ruins he's located at are part of an ancient civilisation.

They talk about who he's shared this information with, until Death Metal make their surprise appearance. They have a swarm of Kuwagas and Avocado's Ankyrox, piloted by Caviar. Avocado tries to plead with the Zoid, but finds it useless.

A pitched battle ensues, Arashi can't harm the Ankyrox and begins to be worn down by it. The Hermit engages the other Z Boys despite being outnumbered, he is able to take them on easily.

Caviar then engages his Death Blast. Arashi has to take him on seriously, but is still wary of Avocado's feelings for the Zoid.

The Z Boys also use their Death Blasts, but are still no match for the Mushi Hermit.

Eventually, after much anguish, Avocado convinces Arashi to use his Wild Blast to defeat the Ankyrox.

Arashi is left with no other option and uses his "King of Claw Spiral" attack to cut the Ankyrox in half. Caviar retreats, and the Ankyrox briefly returns to normal before it dies.

The group head into the ruins where they learn of the legend behind Wild Liger. A mural left by the ancient civilisation show the Wild Liger fighting the Death Rex. Garlic notices something, a picture on the mural shows what seems to be a Zoid Key surrounded by Death Metal keys. Arashi recognises the key as the partial one Bacon gave to him. Garlic surmises that the Great Ancient Treasure Z may be related to this key. He also thinks that the Key is not for a Zoid, but rather the Volcano depicted in the mural.

As the group leave, Avocado visits the grave seen at the start of the show, and Arashi plants a flower at its base for the Ankyrox.


  • Kuroame doesn't have speaking lines in this episode, but he does make some grunts. This is unlike previous non-speaking episodes, where his only noises were sound effects.
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