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The Hacker Key Experiments!
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Zoids Wild - 07 - English.png
The Hacker Key Experiments!
Dub The Hacker Key Experiments!
Name Translation Monster Tortoise! That man, Zoid Professor
Japanese Name 怪亀! その男 ゾイド博士
Romanization Kai kame! Sono otoko zoido hakase
Japanese Opening Starting Over
Japanese Ending Shōnen no Boku e
English Opening Zoids Wild
English Ending Zoids Wild (instrumental)
Season Zoids: Wild
Episode (season) 007 (Zoids: Wild)
Episode (series) 007 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 176 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate August 18, 2018
English Airdate August 14, 2020 (Netflix)
Previous Festival Fever! Liger versus Grax!
Next Rematch! Ruin Returns!

The Hacker Key Experiments! is the seventh episode of Zoids: Wild. It first aired in Japan on August 18, 2018.


This episode introduces Analog, the boy professor.

The episode starts with the Liger being uncharacteristically emotional, dashing towards a Dark Metal research institute, where it and Arashi are captured.

After a struggle, Arashi is put into a cell where he meets Analog. Analog is the partner of a Tanks, and developing Hacker Keys for Dark Metal's Dark Blast, much to his reluctance.

He is forced by the Dark Metal research wardens, "Battery" and "Charger" to use a prototype key on Tanks, causing it much harm. His reluctance is obvious.

The Liger breaks free and Arashi is assaulted by the researches stationed there. They use a combo attack from a Rapterrix and a Pincers. The Liger is restrained to some extent, and finds it tough to beat them.

After a bit of a fight, one of the researches attaches the prototype equipment onto the Rapterrix and triggers a Dark Blast. The Blast cannot be sustained because of its prototype nature, and the Zoid is ultimately defeated.

With just the Pincers, the remaining Zoid attacks Analog, but is intercepted by the Tanks. Despite being harmed by Analog, Tanks recognises the situation it was forced to be in.

A key pops out and Tanks uses its Wild Blast to free them. Towards the end of the episode Analog joins team Freedom.

The episode ends with the researches pleading to their superior, Malware (one of the Four Dark Warriors). Their Zoids are dropped into a pit containing Malware's Overbyte.

Malware phones Drake to tell him of the incident with the Liger.


  • Analog is the third member of team Freedom, but is the second person to use a Wild Blast.
  • Arashi is Analog's first friend.
  • The English voice actor for "Battery" is Brian Dobson, who also performs Helmut in Zoids: Fuzors.


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