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This article relates to the Zoids: Wild Senki anime series. For the corresponding model release, see Zoids: Wild (Models).

Zoids Wild Senki
Zoids Wild Senki
Japanese Name ゾイドワイルド戦記
Name Translation Zoido Wairudo Senki
Genre Action, Shounen, Mecha
Studio TV Tokyo
Network N/A
First Aired October 17, 2020
Last Aired TBA
Episodes TBA

Zoids Wild Senki[1] (ゾイドワイルド戦記 lit: Chronicle of ZOIDS WILD War[2]) is a net anime series, linked to the Zoids toyline of the same name. It is the seventh Zoids series, following Zoids: Wild ZERO in order of production. Zoids: Wild Senki is set in the series Zoids: Wild ZERO, but not directly connected.

Series Background[]

Zoids Wild Senki is an ongoing CG anime that is being published online.

It was announced on September 15th, 2020, in the October 2020 issue of CoroCoro comic.

Each episode is approximately 3 minutes long, airing once a month on CoroCoro's, Takara Tomy's YouTube channels, starting from October 17, 2020.[3][4][5] It is a spin off from the events in Zoids: Wild ZERO


The series is broadcast on Takara Tomy's YouTube channels.


  • Republic, Commander Belta Quaid[6] (ヴェルタ―・クエイド) (Gilraptor LC) VA: Makoto Yasumura 保村 真
  • Republic, Luke Strake[7](リューク・ストレイカー) (Xeno-Rex) VA:Shou Nogami 野上 翔
  • Empire, Captain Blaze Joule[8] (ブレイズ・ジュール) (Burning Liger) VA: Toshiki Masuda 増田 俊樹
  • Empire, Paula[9] Blitz (ポーラ・ブリッツ) VA: Maaya Uchida 内田 真礼
  • Empire, Alberto Collins [10] (アルベルト・コリンズ) VA: Kenichiro Matsuda 松田 健一郎
  • Empire, Hans Stein (ハンス・シュテイン) VA: Shuhei Iwase 岩瀬 周平
  • Narrator, VA: Minoru Inaba 稲葉 実