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Zoids Wild ZERO - 28 - Japanese.png
Name Translation TBA
Japanese Name 激突!二大破壊竜!!
Romanization Gekitotsu! Ni dai hakai ryuu!!
Japanese Opening Player
Japanese Ending Rut of Dreams
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild ZERO
Episode (season) 028 (Zoids: Wild ZERO)
Episode (series) 078 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 247 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate April 24, 2020
English Airdate TBA
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Next TBA

TBA is the twenty-eighth episode of the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime series, based on TOMY's Zoids franchise. It first aired in Japan on April 24, 2020 on TV Tokyo.


The "True Empire" is formed, using Hannah Melville as a figurehead. She's claimed as a descendant of the previous emperor, making her a half-sibling to Emperor Fiona.

Walter Borman arrives to meet the main group, and he gives them valuable research information. He agrees to help formulate a method to stop the Omega Rex. He doesn't blame Sally Land for losing the pendant, and is finally introduced to the main group. Sally also returns the pocket watch she had been keeping all this time.

Borman examines Leo Conrad, but Leo decides against getting healed from his metal form. Leo admits it doesn't encumber him and has helped save Sally several times.

Bowman also reveals more about Sally's past. As he sets up a new research facility, he explains that Dr Land had been transformed (similar to Leo) but it almost gained life of its own. Dr Land eventually became a danger to both Sally and her mother, and Bowman regrets not doing more at the time to save them. Sally forgives this, she's just glad that he has told her the story.

Elsewhere, the preparations begin to revive the Genospino's Zoid Core and decide on a pilot. Sherry is adamant that the pilot must be from the Republic. But Dias stakes his claim on Giller. Both points have merit, but ultimately Sherry pulls rank and orders that the pilot be Republican.

Eventually, they begin to set up the Zoid Core, but it immediately goes rogue and shoots up a massive pillar of light. By the time Borman arrives, several Republicans are injured (including Dias) and they are struggling to stop the core going berserk and exploding. Bowman gives them a series of orders and quickly stabilises the core. After a tense few moment he announces that the worst has past.

When faced with the choice of pilot, Dias announces that he's no longer fit to pilot due to injuring his arm in that set of events with the Zoid Core. Naturally, Giller gets the job.

However, things aren't peaceful for long.

Dr Land in his secret research base has completed the Omega Rex, it's now fit with munitions and capable of firing the Charged Particle Cannon an unlimited number of times. His choice of pilot is Melville "for now". Aldridge goads Melville, as she's obviously afraid of using the Charged Particle Cannon. Shigaru is also against her piloting as she's critical to their "True Empire", and doesn't want her harmed. However, Dr Land dismisses their concerns and has her sortie.

It doesn't take long before she's spotted by the Republican forces. She's headed straight for the Genospino.

The Empire and Republic mount a defensive blockade. Dias sorties in his Wild Liger, stating his "injuries" are healed (i.e. he had faked them to assist Giller). But despite this massive force of Zoids it proves ineffective at stopping the Omega Rex. During the fight, Melville struggles to suppress the Omega Rex's instinct to fire the Charged Particle Cannon.

Bowman advises the forces to aim for the particle intake fan on the Zoid's back. Leo jumps onto Jake's Sonic Bird in an attempt to do this, but his Evo Blast is deflected by a barrier of light.

As the fighting escalates, Giller shows up piloting the Genospino.





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