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Zoids Wild ZERO - 33 - Japanese.png
Name Translation TBA
Japanese Name 壊滅へのカウントダウン
Romanization Kaimetsu e no Kauntodaun
Japanese Opening Player
Japanese Ending Rut of Dreams
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild ZERO
Episode (season) 033 (Zoids: Wild ZERO)
Episode (series) 083 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 252 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate June 19, 2020
English Airdate TBA
Previous TBA
Next TBA

Countdown to Destruction is the thirty-third episode of the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime series, based on TOMY's Zoids franchise. It first aired in Japan on June 19, 2020 on TV Tokyo.


The episode begins with Baan leaving the group to once again do his own thing.

In the meanwhile, Dr Borman looks at the research left by Leo's father. The information on time vortexes proves interesting and he begins to look into it.

Things seem semi peaceful but a group of Scorpears make a strange discovery: a spaceship.

The ship is identical to the one Sally and Borman had been on when heading to heading to Earth. However, this was not their ship. Instead it was a ship that had travelled through time. During the cataclysm of the 21st century, technology from the future arrived in the past allowing them to develop advanced spaceships. Indeed the very ships used to escape from Planet Zi could have even been used to migrate from Earth to Zi. This is an obvious time paradox, which is pointed out by Jo.

But Dr Borman sheds new light on the situation about Zi Forming and the Zoid crisis. It turns out that without the Regeneration Cubes all functioning, the land is not stable. Jamminga still appear and aurora are caused spontaneously. He reveals that the planet may still be in peril and may have less than a year left.

During this explanation, they identify a group of people: these are the ones that tried to rebel against Dr Borman on his way to Earth, forcing them to escape.

The group that tried to usurp the migration ship.

Sally's pendant was destroyed and there's nowhere near enough time to make a new one. Instead they can use Leo (who is infused with the Zoid Factor) to awaken the cubes, should they find them.

Elsewhere in the True Empire, the group are at odds with what to do now that Dr Land is missing. Aldridge and Spiegel being Zoid pilots want to use the Omega Rex. Shigaru also wants Melville to cooperate, but she refuses. Without Dr Land, who she considers her father, she won't operate the Zoid. This leaves their ambition at an impasse for the moment.

Back with Leo, Dr Borman finds a Regeneration Cube and leads them to it. Leo is indeed able to activate it.

However as soon as he does so a large swarm of Kill Scythe appear. Leo attempts to hold them off, but outnumbered he finds the rest of his group being overwhelmed. Luckily Luc appears and his group of Cannon Bulls makes short work of their opponents. Luc's mission had been changed to help Leo on his quest.





Preview for episode 34

  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on May 29th 2020 in Japan, but was delayed due to the effects of COVID-19.
  • The next-time clips show a figure bearing a remarkable resemblance to Gunther Prozen from Zoids: Guardian Force.

Map of the Earth

  • At the end of the episode Buzz and Leo get their home back, which they were forced to leave at the start of the series. Inside is shown to be a map of the world and details the damaged caused by the Zoids Crisis.

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