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Zoids Wild ZERO - 41 - Japanese.png
Name Translation TBA
Japanese Name 闇に眠る巨竜
Romanization Yami ni nemuru kyoryū
Japanese Opening Player
Japanese Ending Nameless Trip
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild ZERO
Episode (season) 041 (Zoids: Wild ZERO)
Episode (series) 091 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 260 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate August 14, 2020
English Airdate TBA
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TBA is the forty-first episode of the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime series, based on TOMY's Zoids franchise. It first aired in Japan on August 14, 2020 on TV Tokyo.


The episode starts by showing what happen to mutineers, after going through a wormhole, they are launched to the Sun. With no hope of survival they are forced to flee through another unknown wormhole. Here, they are transported to Earth in the past. The Regeneration Cube on board begins to activate and in the process consumes all the passengers before the ship crashes to Earth.

Dr Land wakes up, the previous scenes were a dream he was having. He looks up information on Electora Gate to know more about her.

But being awake he finds himself tracked down by the Empire. Luc engages him, but Dr Land uses his Gilraptor's speed to escape. Luc manages to place a tracking device on the Gilraptor as he flees.

Land uses the pendant to head towards a Vortex. Leo and the others follow.

Knowing Land is inside, Melville takes Jo's Raptoria and heads in search of Land.

Leo's path is blocked by the Zero Phantoth.

Land finds the Cube in an underground baseball stadium, still playing recordings of a long-past game, thanks to the Vortex's influence. Melville catches up to him and pleads with him to stop.

The two fight, Melville does a good job with the Raptoria, but doesn't draw out its Wild Blast. Land on the other hand does use the Wild Blast on his Gilraptor, and after a tense fight manages to come out on top. Land is moments away from totalling the Raptoria with Melville inside, but Sally arrives at the stadium on foot. Her cries make Land change his attack. He instead kicks the Raptoria away.

Melville and Sally are forced to watch as Land activates the cube.

As he does so, a mass of metal thorns rise up, pulling him into the ground.

The Vortex vanishes and Leo outside finds his opponent likewise disappears in this fog.

The end of the episode shows Dr Land deep underground, face-to-face with the woman fused to the Regeneration Cube. She thanks him for waking her up, and he recognises her as Electora. Dr Land's eyes are visibly changed from the encounter, and are now black with purple pupils.






  • "Electora Gate" is the spelling used by Dr Land when typing her name into the Republican Database to search for information about her.
  • One of the other mutineers in this episode is "Aria Juma", her voice actor is "Arai Maju" who performed the ending theme "DOOR".

    Aria Juma

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