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Zoids Wild ZERO - 43 - Japanese.png
Name Translation TBA
Japanese Name 古の皇帝龍ゼログライジス!
Romanization Inishie no kōtei ryū zeroguraijisu!
Japanese Opening Player
Japanese Ending Nameless Trip
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild ZERO
Episode (season) 043 (Zoids: Wild ZERO)
Episode (series) 093 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 262 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate August 28, 2020
English Airdate TBA
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Next TBA

TBA is the forty-third episode of the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime series, based on TOMY's Zoids franchise. It first aired in Japan on August 28, 2020 on TV Tokyo.


The "True Empire" continue their assault on the Republic and the Empire. Boosted by the purple light their forces attack with much more endurance than normal, making them extremely difficult to counter.

Not only that, but word begins to spread about the Zero Grizis.

The Empire and Republic are forced to start preparations to deploy the Genospino and Omega Rex.

Shigaru with the True Empire is initially ecstatic about the success of his new forces. The dominance on display means he has a shot at winning. Without Melville on his side, he would rule the True Empire.

However things begin to vary from his plans. The forces give up their assault and retreat. They amass near the Zero Grizis. Shigaru is initially confused, but thinks this is a chance to reconcile their troops.

However, it's not to be.

The Zero Grizis attacks and destroys the entire arm in one hit. It infuses the felled Zoids with purple light and absorbs it.

In the True Empire's base, Shigaru comes face-to-face with Electora. She makes it obvious that Shigaru's usefulness has come to an end. Shigaru changes face, and tries to negotiate with her, knowing she has no interest for humans in her world of Zoids.

It's left for Spiegel to take Shigaru and escape. The two just make it out with the Fang Tiger and Drei Panther.

Elsewhere, the protagonists mourn over Leo's dad. Leo touches his father's hand and his Zoid Factor resonates. For a moment hears his voice. Joshua says the name of the Zero Grizis and tells Leo to look for beans. They realise the food is a reference to Volkov, Joshua's companion they had met previously.

The group head to him and find a cache of Joshua's possessions. Inside is a notebook. The book clearly shows the Zero Grizis.

Feeding this information to Dr Borman reveals the worst. The Zero Grizis is near unstoppable. It coverts the yellow Zoid Factor into the purple one, and causes the environment to change to metal in the process. Although Frank Land is inside, he's connected to Electora and they have the same thoughts. There is no option for reasoning. If the Zero Grizis comes into contact with Regeneration Cubes, it can use them to spread the purple light through their network, effectively dooming the planet.

With renewed urgency, the group are tasked with defeating the Zero Grizis.





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