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Wings of the Devil! Snipe Terra
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Zoids Wild ZERO - 06 - Japanese.png
Wings of the Devil! Snipe Terra
Name Translation Wings of the Devil! Snipe Terra
Japanese Name 悪魔の翼!スナイプテラ
Romanization Akuma no tsubasa! Sunaiputera
Japanese Opening blue blue blue
Japanese Ending Hikari
English Opening TBA
English Ending TBA
Season Zoids: Wild ZERO
Episode (season) 006 (Zoids: Wild ZERO)
Episode (series) 056 (Wild series)
Episode (lifetime) 225 (Zoids)
Japanese Airdate November 08, 2019
English Airdate TBA
Previous Betrayal of Gatling Fox
Next The Great Mission to Rescue Liger!

Wings of the Devil! Snipe Terra is the sixth episode of the Zoids: Wild ZERO anime series, based on TOMY's Zoids franchise. It first aired in Japan on November 08, 2019 on TV Tokyo.



The episode starts with Dr Frank Land of the empire conducting a secret trade with another group. They have what he wants, and know how powerful it is. The others go against their pre-arranged terms and attempt a new deal with the doctor. However, he deploys hidden Bazootles and wipes out their Zoids.

Elsewhere, Baan Blood and the Gatling Fox are caught by the Empire while taking a break. Fortunately, Baan is saved by Leo.

As they escape, Leo explains he's just returning the favour from the previous episode. Baan explains that he wasn't saving Leo as such, but rather was fleeing the Empire anyway and happened across him. Baan joins up with the group and tells them his situation, specifically about the Visor and how the Empire was controlling the Fox. But he goes on to explain that he didn't gain this information himself, he was told it by an older professor with a mask. Sally concludes that this was her grandfather. The group head back to where Baan met him to search.

Baan departs the group, and at night Leo and the others head into a diner. They lack information, especially considering the Empire was highly active around that area, it could have been that the professor was already captured. But as they eat, Sally notices something in the hands of one of the other diners. They had a pocket watch that belonged to her grandfather. She approaches these people for information (who just happened to be the people making a deal with the Empire at the start of the episode). After some coercion from Jo, they group give the direction the professor was. Leo immediately leaves with the Liger in search.

Back with the Empire, Frank Land meets with Chris Giller. Giller had been selected for a secret mission to guard the recovery of the Geno Spino. The Geno Spino was explained to be a powerful Zoid seen in the 21st century Zoid Crisis. Giller agrees to this, and is offered a role to pilot the Geno Spino if it's recovered.

As fate would have it, Leo's search takes him directly to the excavation point that Giller was guarding.

Leo, with no options, attempts to win out with his Evo Blast. But Giller responds by using his own. The combination of ranged weaponry and flight means Leo really has no chance at winning. Giller shoots him down and the Beast Liger falls into a ravine.

As Leo crashes down, Giller gets the report that excavation is complete. He withdraws having fulfilled his mission.





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