A Zoids model line by Tomy first announced at the Spring 1998 Game Show. While this line has different Japanese titles, the English title "Zoic Androids" seen on several boxes will be used in absence of another official English name.


In 1999 TOMY released the Zoids anime in Japan in conjunction with a new toy line know as "Zoids 機獣新世紀" (lit, Zoids: Machine Beasts New Century) This model toy line began with several re-colored kits from the company's previous release but soon saw brand new models added to the list. The Englisn Zoic Android title was added much later in the line.

The "Battle Story" for the line continued to follow the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire. Around the time of the Zoids 20th Anniversary, the Guylos Empire would be replaced with the Neo Zenebas Empire. The designations were RZ for the Helic Republic models and EZ for both Empires.

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