Zoids メカ生体
Zoids logo
Start Date 1983
End Date
Includes Zoids From Mechabonica
Regions Japan, Taiwan

This article is about the initial model line bearing the name Zoids. Subsequent releases like Power Zoids are not included in this article.


Zoids メカ生体 (lit, Zoids: Mechanical Biological) was first released in 1983 by TOMY. Not all Zoids in this line were introduced in 1983, as the line spanned several years, 1983 just signifies the start date.


The first line of Zoids released by Tomy Co. ltd. (now Takara-Tomy) into Japan. In this line were the first Zoids to receive unique names and designation numbers. It was also the first line to feature factions, a back story and various media tie-ins such as video games.


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