Iron Kong displaying a typically bright Zoids2 colour scheme

Zoids2 was the second incarnation of the Zoids line to be issued in Europe and went on sale in the early 1990s. It was a bold new take on the line with bright colour schemes and metallic chromed parts but was discontinued after a very short time, in part due to poor sales but possibly also because a fire at the production plant was reported to have broken out around this time.

Although the line was generally of a fair quality, the very nature of the chroming process meant that some parts were chromed inproperly with either too much or too little chrome being applied. Similarly, colour pigments were applied to the chrome in varying amounts which has led to a great deal of variation in tone (Sabre can range from almost silver through to bright pinky-purple).

The line was given a comic-book backstory loosely based on (but not a continuation of) the UK Zoid comic, with the Zoids invading Earth and humanity's last hope being to turn the Zoids back against each other. One issue is known to exist with a second being possible.

Factions in the Zoids2 line are indistinct but the Zoids can be divided into the Gold team (gold stickers and predominantly coloured chrome) and the red team (red stickers and silver chrome).

Although Tarantulon shares its name with the OER version, it has a Republican-style cockpit instead of the Imperial clamshell-style cockpit that the OER version used.

Redhorn's name is misleading, it is actually a Black Rhimos. Its name apparently confused the comic's artist too as it is drawn with OJR Redhorn parts.

Trooperzoid was featured in the comic and Hydrazoid and Stegazoid were shown on the tops of boxes but it is unknown whether these three Zoids were planned for production.

Supposedly, a mail-away offer for parts from the OJR Empire Customize Set and OJR Republic Customize set was planned but never started. Tokens from the boxes would have been cut out and sent off to redeem the following prizes:

  • Zoidzilla Weapon Set (CP-10)
  • Claw Weapon Set (CP-01)
  • Sabre Weapon Set (CP-02)
  • Iron Kong Weapon Set (Either PK Weapons or CP-11)

Further details are unknown.

A final point of interest is that a handful of Zoids2s (namely Sabre and Claw) were fitted with CP units and featured in the NJR Battle Story as 'MK-II Newtypes'.

The Models

The Red Team consists of 8 models:

The Gold Team consists of 8 models:

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