Zoids 2
Zoids 2 logo
Start Date 1994 (Europe), 1998 (Asia)
End Date 1995 (Europe)
Includes Zoids From Zoids
Regions Europe, Asia

Zoids 2 was a TOMY line of Zoids released in Europe and Asia. The European release came significantly before the Asian release, and multiple different colour schemes exist for Zoids in this line.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The line was given a comic-book backstory loosely based on (but not a continuation of) the UK Zoid comic, with the Zoids invading Earth and humanity's last hope being to turn the Zoids back against each other.

Factions in the Zoids2 line are indistinct but the Zoids can be divided into the Gold team (gold stickers and predominantly coloured chrome) and the red team (red stickers and silver chrome).

Release[edit | edit source]

Zoids 2 was first released in Europe, around 1994. It was cancelled shortly after. Later (1998) Zoids 2 models were seen in places like Japan. Colour schemes varied by region.

Zoids[edit | edit source]

The Red Team consists of 8 models:

The Gold Team consists of 8 models:

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