The Blox line of Zoids is a set of Zoids featuring parts that fit together in such a way that they can be taken apart and reassembled on to each other or different Zoids.

Zoids BLOX
BLOX logo.
Start Date June 29, 2002
End Date June 17, 2004
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan, USA
Designation BZ


Blox Zoids could be assembled onto other Zoid and create a Fuzor Zoid. In the Zoids: Fuzors anime, such Zoids were depicted as having greatly increased power from normal Zoids.


The Blox Zoid model kits were originally released Japan.


Limited Blox PartsEdit

  • Set A: Flyscissors Sprue A05 (translucent blue)
  • Set B: Demonshead Sprue A08 (translucent red)
  • Set C: Boldguard Sprue B10 (translucent grey)
  • Set D: Leostriker Sprue D12 (translucent black)
  • Set E: Deantler Sprue A14 (translucent pink) Deantler
  • Set F: Cannon Diver Sprue A13 (translucent yellow)
  • Set G: Buster Cannon Proto Gojulas Giga (Silver)
  • Set H: Dispelow Frame B (translucent brown)
  • Set I: Laser/Scissor Frame A (translucent gray)
  • Set of 6 Blox
  • Set of 6 Translucent Blox
  • Set of Blox Joints
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