This article is a subset of the Battle Story timeline. For an overview of Battle Story, please see the main article: Battle Story. For a summary of events in Battle Story, see: The Zoids File. This article is about the 1987 series of magainznes that had the name "Zoids Battle Story".

Zoids Battle Story is a set of 5 magazine publications done by Shogakukan, starting from 1987.

The Battle Story covers the in-universe history of Zoids and Planet Zi. It corresponds to the first phase of Zoids released in the 1980s.


The Original Battle Story covers the history of Planet Zi until ZAC 2056, where a giant meteorite strikes the third moon, destroying it and causing a planet-wide catastrophe.

This story is written on boxes, magazines and books. The Shogakukan publications are where the name "Battle Story" originates, and combined with publications from TOMY compromise much of the Original battle Story.

The History of Zoids, released in 1985 covered Zi's history as a planet wracked by natural disasters and conflict, King Helic's uniting the original tribes and formation of the Republic, the Empire's bitter splitting off after his son Helic II took over and the younger Zenebas was betrayed by the era's politicians, and much of the earlier battles in the resulting war over territory on the Central Continent.

In 1986, the Ultrasaurus was released, and billed in-story as the machine that would defeat the Empire. It nearly succeeded, but Zenebas and his forces fled to the Dark Continent Nyx, soon returning with new-model Zoids like the Death Saurer. The Republic was driven back and forced to hold the Empire off with guerrilla warfare in the mountains, paving the way for the brief 1/24 scale line.

The Republic's counterattack came in the form of the Mad Thunder, and as Zenebas again turned to the Dark Continent for help, he was betrayed by Guylos, whose new "Dark Army" Zoids attacked and absorbed the Empire Army.

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