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The Zoids Overload System, also called the Zoidcore Overload System (ZOS) is a device used in various Zoids video games. It is a highly unstable device that increases the power of a Zoid, but can easily have adverse effects on the surrounding terrain.


ZOS is a pivotal plot device in the Zoids video games, such as Zoids Legacy, where it is responsible for the time-space warping that brings together the various Zoids characters from the various timelines and media. It is used primarily to enhance the abilities of Zoids far beyond their normal abilities by distorting time around the user, but the time-warping side effects are potentially very damaging to the very reality of the Zoids Saga continuity.

When Dr. T first tested ZOS it's effects included earthquakes, impassable walls of light, fusion of various time periods, destruction of the Zoids Battle Union, as well as rifts in time that could send the user to multiple time periods.

When used in-battle, ZOS gives Zoids the ability to move twice in one turn. A Zoid with ZOS enabled is represented by a shifting white silhouette surrounding their Zoid.


A rare Organoid discovered in a set of ruins. Pulse is the only stable ZOS generator. Its actual origins are unknown. Pulse is vital to undoing the damage caused by the various unstable ZOS variants used by the game's antagonists.

Other VariantsEdit

There are multiple variants used by the series' antagonists, but these are all unstable and trigger highly destructive side-effects when used. The most common of these side-effects was an indirect form of mind control. In the game the Back Draft Team used the mind control to turn various characters and allies against the main character. Also, unlike Pulse's ZOS system, the other variants drain a certain amount of energy for every turn they are in use.

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