A long running problem I've noticed of Zoids Wikis was their inability to differentiate characters from types, which is, of course, always a problem. As a fan of the Transformers brand, I am always aware of a clear distinction between the two. Thus I am posing that we make the change. Rather than having merely one article for multiple characters, why not take advantage of the space by having multiple pages for each of the characters (for example, Mammoth and Mammoth The Destroyer would each get separate articles.) Whilst, I can sense incoming redundancies with "Tech Specs" I would pose disambiguation pages for these, and for the character pages to focus specifically on story line, and merchandise. 10:17, September 18, 2009 (UTC)

There aren't many Zoids that are characters, about the only ones that appear are in the UK Zoids Comic. So I don't see the need to split the pages up. Especially considering that many of the Anime characters don't have their own pages. Making multiple pages is somewhat good, but it makes it harder to manage content across these pages. Sylvanelite
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