This will basicly be a combination of some of the more recent forums in terms of page formatting. I only started a new thread because there are several other formatting topics i wish to disscuss other than character pages and names.

For names of pages, being that we are the English zoids wiki our pages names will generaly be the same. however some changes need to be made. for example the Sabre Tiger page. no one actualy spells sabre that way. it was only done back when the wikipedia page was up to avoid confusion with the animal. the page should be either Saber Tiger or Zaber Fang. (same problem with the guysak page. not really spelled that way.) the way i see it the most commonly used name will dominate all other names so the page should be called Saber Tiger. this would work for beserk fury, warshark, and spinosnapper as well, as more people address the american name instead of the japanese onein those specific situations (the tittle of our pages should not only reflect the most commonly used name but also the most appropriate names. i refuse to have a wardick or guysack page. for those pages the NAR names should be used not made up ones) however, each page should have redirects using thier alternate names regardless of the articles name. for example Gojulas needs a zoidzilla redirect, redhorn needs a brutox redirect, hellrunner needs several redirects. also ptera dominates pterasu and stealth viper dominates snakes.

here is the other thing I wanted to disscuss; model kit section formatting. there are several inconsistancies and i want to fix them. each release should be in chronological order from 1st to most recent. this is the way i imagine it. this example isnt perfect as i dont kno the release dates going to leave out overview, battlestory and media appearences in this example.

for the record, heading 1 is now heading 2 right?


Blade Liger (page tittle)

Models (Heading 2)

New Japanese Release (Heading 3)

Blade Liger (Heading 4)

Blade Liger Leon Ver. (Heading 4)

Asia Limited Forest & Night Fight Ver. Blade Liger (Heading 4)

New American Release (Heading 3)

(Red) Blade Liger (Heading 4)

Limited Blade Liger (Heading 4)

New English Release (Heading 3)

Blade Liger (Heading 4)

Red Blade Liger (Heading 4)

New Pacific Release (Heading 3)

  • I have no dam clue what was released here XD. whatever it is, it would be under heading 4. moving on...

Yuuji Kaida (Heading 3)

Blade Liger Mirage (Heading 4)

? (I forget name of video game - Heading 3)

Blade Liger Mirage Infinity Kannon Special (Heading 4)

Fuzors (Heading 3)

Blade Liger Black Impact (Heading 4)

Customize Parts (Heading 3)

CP-12 Attack Booster (Heading 4)

CP-15 Assult Gattelling Unit (Heading 4)

High-End Master Model Zoids (Heading 2)

Blade Liger (Heading 3)

Blade Liger Leon Ver. AB (Heading 3)

Blade Liger Van Ver. AB (Heading 3)

Prototypes (There are 2 prototypes. one in gray, one like desert liger. Heading 3)

Action Figures and Misc. Items (would include keychains, action figures and figurines, art statues, revoltech, etc. All misc. items. Heading 2)


so i think u get the basic idea. what do you guys think?

since im not to involved with the character pages, i will not say anything about it.

Leon35 20:02, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

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