Greetings to all!

For a while now, I have had this idea of creating pages in other languages. Currently, we are the #1 English Zoids information site, which by the way, is a major accomplishment. But what if we extended past that? What if we, as a community, became the #1 Multilangual Zoids Information site?!

Of course, this idea is still in the "prototype stage" so any and all questions, comments, concerns, etc are welcomed!

If we do decide to go through with this, I think the 1st languages we should attack are French (for obvious reasons) Spanish (i can do some decent translations) and Japanese. If anyone wants to recmend a language, you may list that here as well.

Oh, i almost forgot. Just to get an idea of what languages we should do 1st, if we even go through with this, please state what languages you speak well so that we get an idea of who speaks what prodominatly in the zoids community!


Leon35 17:32, December 26, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, it's a good idea. But, the probability of this happening is really small. It says it right there on the front page: "we are currently editing over 637 articles." That's a lot; too much for any one person who happens to be bilingual could reasonably pull off... and an automatic translator isn't really reliable on the professional scale. I like your creativity... but it's just not feasible.--Azimuth727 01:55, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

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