This is a list of Zoids and Zoids varients up for seperation discussion. The results of any discussion do not nessecarily mean any action will be taken. This is an unnaproved list, the order does not reflect the priority the citizens of Zoids Wiki have chosen. I am only leaving it here to keep other discussions from getting too cluttered.

1st Whitez Tiger

2nd Certain Fuzed Zoids

3rd Dos Godos

4th Shield Liger 2 (with CP-01 varients)

5th Iron Kong 2 and Gojulas 2 (with PK and Ogre varients)

6th Soul Tiger

7th Areo Liger and Proto Zaber

8th Mirage Liger (maybe Blade Liger AB goes with Mirage)

9th Genius Wolf

Since the others like Koni Wolf 2 and other Rebirth Zoids seem to be less of an issue so they are not mentioned on the priority list. The suggestions like a stats sheet for Infinity Leo or a section for Quad Liger can be worked on later since it is not a seperation issue.

Sorry if this is not a proper forum, I jus thought it would help the clutter.SharkWings 19:26, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

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