ladies and gentleman, the things spoken of in this forum are not necisarily the definite future. I propose the makings of seperate zoids wikis, one for animes, one for video games, etc and that this wiki, the model kit/toy wiki, will be what one would call "the mother site."


  • Better organization in many different aspects
  • Less crowding
  • Less conflict
  • Extends the reach of Zoids


  • Page # on this wiki will decrease
  • Less web traffic to this wiki

So far, the pros out weigh the cons. However, I will not preform such an action until I hear 1 comment from each active member and each active admin on this wiki.Please post such opinions and ideas on the talk pae. WE WILL NOT CRITIQUE OTHER PEOPLE'S COMMENTS ON THIS FORUM. ALL YOU WILL DO IS RESPOND WITH A YES OR NO AND GIVE A REASON WHY. THEN AFTER A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME I WILL READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS AND BASE A DECISION ON WHAT YOU ALL SAY. (i put that in caps so that you wouldn't skim through this, as some of you, but not all of you do skim)

Thank you for reading


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