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Welcome to the Zoids Wiki. We hope you find this database useful and informative, and we welcome any future contributors. However, for the sake of a stable community, here are some rules that all users should abide by. Feel free to discuss any of these rules on the talk page.

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Naming Consistency

When deciding on which variant of a name to use, the following order should be considered;

  • 1:Official English Translations/published English media (American boxes, English-dubbed anime, etc)
  • 2:Official Romanisations/published Japanese media which uses English letters (Japanese boxes, Japanese games, etc)
  • 3:Unofficial translations (Fansubbed anime, unofficial game walkthroughs, etc)
In the event of two official translations or two official romanisations existing, if common sense does not resolve the conflict, use the most popular version. Popularity can be cited by viewership information, sales figures or any other citation relevant to mass consumption.

Please note that this applies to articles in general only. When referring to a specific release or version, use the release's specific name. For example, on the Zaber Fang page, use Zaber Fang if referring to the Zoid in general, but if referring to the New Japanese Release of the Zoid, use "Saber Tiger" (a note regarding the name change should always be present).

Creating New pages

Please take the following into consideration when creating a page:

  • Notability: while we have no issues with the noteworthiness of new pages, they must be relevant, have information not contained in other pages and be easy to navigate to.
Pages not meeting this criteria may be deleted without notice.

Editing General

  • Do not add speculation to a page. This includes information of a controversial nature which lacks a reliable citation.
  • Do not add information relating to fans of the franchise outside of the community pages, this is irrelevant to the Wiki.
  • All advertising of external sites must be strictly contained within the relevant section on the main page, and the affiliates links.


Rich Text Editor

As problems have been consistently experienced with the rich text editor, we strongly recommend this editor be disabled when editing, especially when tables or templates are involved. Do not hesitate to ask for help when formatting issues arise, we are more than willing to offer help if able.

Talk Pages

We strongly advocate the use of talk pages. They are useful forums for the resolution of issues and good places to put citations.


The above list only contains details specific to the Zoids Wikia, but all standard Wikia rules (such as vandalism, harassment and copyright) also apply. These are considered common sense rules and as such aren't listed, but if in doubt, feel free to check with any of our regular users and we'll help you out.