[Narrator] Zoids!

Equipped with a metal body,

animal instincts,
and a fighting spirit,

these fierce creatures
roam the world and

rule it with
their iron might!

But when a human joins
forces with a Zoid,

they form an unmatchable
bond and unlock

a hidden power that
knows no limits!

They call it

Wild Blast!

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪


We'll always
remember you Knockz.

Ultra King Claw!

[Scrapes] Hang on, buddy!
I'm here.


That must be it up there.

[Arashi] The morning fire.

It's not too far.

First we gotta bring
the team up to speed.

Then we'll go
check it out, 'kay?

[Arashi] Found 'em!

That was quick. Good eye, bud!

[surprised gasp]

[Arashi] Grax?!

Hold on!

[Arashi] The Empire already
hacked Knockz. What about him?

Hurry up, Liger!

[Arashi] Everyone's sleeping!

[Arashi] Who's that guy?
Hang on a sec…

Yellow bag,

white armbands, brown hair with
a funky blond bit in the front?


[flying yell]

You're cramping my style!

You hear me?


Get up, quick!

The Empire's in the area.

Oh, hang on…

I get it now.

You're my dad's Grax,
not Tremor's.

Wait, rewind, you're here?!

[Ikazuchi] Do not wake me,

[pained howl]


[pained groan]


That's familiar…

[Ikazuchi] Arashi.
Time to get up.

[Arashi] No, five
more minutes…


[Ikazuchi] Don't worry,
I'm not making you go to school.

Thanks, Dad. You're the best.

[Arashi] Wait! Dad?!

Trying to settle a bet here.

Which one of us has
the bigger appetite?

My guess? It's me by a mile!



Is that all you have
to say to me right now?

Hey, kiddo.

I'm sure you've got some skills.

That's not what I meant.

Arashi, you should have
the metabolic advantage!

I don't even know
what that means.

Although, there is
experience with age.

I'm the eating master.

Last I checked we
tied our competition!

We're getting sidetracked!

First of all you're wrong!

But let's just put
this off to the side.

I've got big news about
Ancient Treasure Z.

[Arashi] It's over there.
Somewhere in the volcano.

[Analog] What a breakthrough!

Hate to say it,
but good work, Arashi.

Then let's hit the road!

Are you looking for it, too?

Nope. This is the first
I'm hearing of it.

[Arashi] So… why are you here?

There's a pack of
wild Rapterrix nearby

I've been meaning to check out.

Are you conducting a study?

Something like that.


What's up, Arashi?

Aren't you stoked
to see your dad again?

Yeah, of course I am.

[Battalia] It's funny.

You two are so similar,
but still so different.

Whaddya mean?

Like, he's also a great Zoid
rider and is a natural leader.

But, he's less hot-headed.

What? I'm as cool as a cucumber.

[Arashi] Grr, I bit off
more than I can chew!

It wouldn't be the first time.

[Battalia] Wow! Ten years!

I didn't realize it
had been that long.

Have you kept in touch at all?

I mean, did he
ever write to you?




'Course. I've seen one of those.

Not as scary as a wild
Alligator Type, though!

Stop! You have no idea how much
truth there is in that statement.

A scientist, huh?

Getting on a team with you

might just be the smartest
thing my boy ever did.

Know what I think?

You're the real man
in charge around here!

Am I right?


[unimpressed sighs]


Where was I again?

You were telling me the
story of the giant meteor!

So, it was crashing down…

Oh yeah and it was massive.

It was headed
straight for us, too.

[Ikazuchi] Grax
stepped up to the plate

and knocked it
outta the park!

[pleased laugh]

You turned it into dust!

Incredible. I wish I'd
been there to see it.

-Is he lying?

No way!

He must be tough, then.
Really tough.

Then, I hit the road.

I wanted to see the world.

And I had nothing planned out.

[Ikazuchi] I just
followed my heart

and let the wind take me
wherever it wanted to take me.

So cool.

Plus, I've met Zoids that can
eat ten times as much as me!


Wow! Tell me more!

I mean, what's the rarest
one you've encountered?

Well, let's see…

That's a head-scratcher.

Gotta think about that one.

[Ikazuchi] Hmm, to be honest…

It's Liger.

He is one of a kind.

I heard legends about him
while I was traveling.

But I never imagined my
son would be his Rider.

Showed-up your old man!


[pleased groan]

The pack's even
bigger than I thought!


[Ikazuchi] Check it out.

See how at peace they
are with the world.

We could learn a thing or two.

But little do they know…

[Ikazuchi] They're in the
shadow of a destructive force.

It's not safe here.

We should move them before
one of those erupts.

Why are you acting like
everything's normal?

Do you know how long it's been?

[Arashi] Hello! Answer me!

October, November…

About three months.

Not even close.

Try ten years!

You think?

Man, was I off, huh?


Guess that's what happens when
you forget to pack a calendar.


I guess time flies
when you're having fun, huh?

So, if it's really
been that long,

I'm surprised you
aren't any taller.

Wait a sec!

You thought I got this
big in only three months?

[Ikazuchi] Is that crazy?


Uh, yeah.

How's your grandpa?

Still in good shape, is he?

[Arashi] Oh, sure.
Stronger than ever.

[Ikazuchi] Just like me!


So you've really just been
traveling all these years?

Yep, and I've been
loving every minute of it.

You know what the best part is?

The people you cross paths with.

[Ikazuchi] I've met
a Zoid trainer…

A kung-fu master…

A ceramics wizard…

Oh yeah…

There was this crew I had lunch
with once, you would love 'em!

[Ikazuchi] Everything
they said had to rhyme.

They mentioned working for
the Dark-something-something…

You mean the Empire?!

Sure, that sounds about right.

You don't know the name of the most
evil organization on the planet?

And on top of that you're
buddy-buddy with them?

Take it easy, they
were good in my book.

Plus, they were
into Zoids as well.

Yeah but that's just because
they wanna capture them.

They treat 'em like junk.
For Gigaboss.

What'd you say?

[Arashi] You heard me! Gigaboss!

Is that a Zoid species?

No! He's their leader!

And He's bad news.

I'm totally gonna crush
him next chance I ge--

[Ikazuchi] Whoa,
whoa, whoa, son.

Time out. You need to breathe.

You don't get it.

He's trying to
take over the world.

Who cares, let him try!

If I've learned anything,

it's that this planet's
too wild to be tamed.

[Ikazuchi] Look around.

How could any of this be
under anybody's thumb?

There are some things
you can control though.

Like your outlook
and your emotions.

I've got a handle on it!

Ha ha, yeah I can see that.

[Ikazuchi] If you want peace,

look into your heart,
'cuz that's where it begins.

Hah. You learn that pretty
quick when you're on the road.

Especially when you've
been gone for three months.

Come on it's been ten years!

[Arashi thinking] What if Dad's
onto something.

Maybe I've been too
focused on fighting.

I gotta chill out more!

[shocked gasp]

Whoa! Who else has a Grax?

[shocked gasp]

Eenie meenie minie moe!

Who's the crew that's got to go?

[pleased chuckle]

Great news, the
smackdown's in town,

and I got you all
front row tickets.

All hands on deck!


[Arashi] Liger! Fire up!

[Analog] Tanks! Fire up!

[Battalia] Needle! Fire up!

[Apex] Alpha Shadow! Fire up!

Team Freedom, combine forces!

Let's show Numb-lock
what we're all about!

Unleash Wild Blast!

[Ikazuchi] No way!
Look at you kids go!

Grax, go!

Get loud and hit
'em with a high note!

[shocked gasp]

There's our window!

No way!

That all you got? Huh?

I'll show you how it's done.

You hear that
beat gettin' louder?

That's the last song for
Team Freedom, get it?!


Okay! Lock on target, Tanks!

Laser Cannon!

[battle cry]

It's just one after the other…

[resigned exhale]

I'm not a big fan of

Zoids fighting my
battles for me, Grax.

But they might need you.

They're kinda struggling.

Whaddaya say?

Should we give 'em a hand?

[battle cry]

Go for it!

King Claw--

[shocked gasp]

No, wait! Pull back, Liger!

You okay?

I can't do this again.

Not after what I
had to do to Knockz.

Whaddya mean?

Did something happen?

[Arashi] He was too far gone.

I… I had to take him down.

[shocked gasps]

It's not my fault.

I had to!

Mic check!

Don't you hear
your outro playing?

[pained howl]


C'mon feel the beat pulsing
through your circuits, Grax!

[Numb-Lock] First;
you gotta let it build!

Then you gotta let it
drop like a hot new single!

[terrified yell]

That was close!

Why don't you let me
take it from here?

And who do you think you are?

Oh, you know. I'm just a dad
steppin' up for his son.

Right. I see the resemblance.

Seems like a rockin'
family reunion.

I hope you don't mind
me crashing the party.

Not at all.

But don't go expecting any
special treatment from me.

Whaddaya mean?

If ya don't know how to
treat a Zoid with respect

then I'll have to
teach you the hard way.

[Numb-Lock] Whoa,
whoa, rewind the tape!

If you seriously
think you can stop me

you're getting'
a reality check.

I'm on a roll and there's
nothing that'll stop me.

Is that so? Huh.

You're about to regret
serving up that attitude.

It's gonna haunt you like
a ringin' in your ears!

[intense roar]

Now's our moment!

System override!

[Numb-Lock] Dark Blast, engage!

If that's supposed to
scare me, you're pathetic!

Real strength comes
from the bonds you form,

not the ones you break.

Brace yourself 'cuz I'm gonna
show you how it's done.


[Ikazuchi] Grax! Fire up!

Feel the power buried
deep within your core!

Now set it free for
the world to see!

Unleash Wild Blast!

Not bad old man.

But your whole world's about
to come crashing down on you!

Put it all on the line!

Hammerhead Quake!

Now set that Zoid free or else!

In your dreams!

You're starting to sound
like a broken record!


Huh? What gives?

[worried yell]

They actually managed to
set off a volcanic eruption!

Pause the track!

This ain't what
we signed up for!

Even I'm not this rock 'n roll!

Don't worry we'll
be back for an encore.

We'll knock you off your feet,
that's a promise.

[Arashi] Hey, Dad!

[Arashi] Let's get outta here.

There's something
we gotta do first.

[Arashi] What is it?

Look for yourself!

[Ikazuchi] The Rapterrix are
trapped. They need our help.

I'll take care of the debris.

You and your team
guide them to safety!

[Arashi] Right! Uh, but how?!

I don't know,
go figure it out!

Can't you at least
give me a clue?

Everything I learned I picked
up from life on the open road.

That's all I can say.

Let me think.


I got something!

Is this big enough?

Yeah, it's perfect!

Okay, so now what?

Time to play ball!

Oh! I'm following!

You up for a game
of Zoid soccer, guys?

Hold back!

[pleased exhale]

That should do it.

Awesome work, team!

[Ikazuchi] So serious.
What's on your mind, kiddo?

It's that Zoid.

He used to be my friend's

but the Dark Metal Empire
hacked him somehow.

Now they're using him
to do their dirty work.

If we don't stop him,
people could get hurt.

[Ikazuchi] You might have
to take him down, huh?

[Ikazuchi] Do what
you have to do.


Come with me.

[Ikazuchi] Do you remember
what this mark is from?

Not really, it was
forever ago, Dad.

Are you kidding?

[happy laugh]

[warm chuckle]

Stand next to it for me.

[alarmed gasp]

C'mon, son.

Wow, no way,
you've really grown.


I'm ten years older!

I know. It's just
hitting me now.

I'm not the best at showing it.

But I missed you.

I missed you.

I'm glad we're making
up for lost time.

[Apex] Heading out?

I understand you're used
to traveling on your own

but perhaps you'd like
to join us for a while?

Thanks for the invite,

but I'll let you handle the Dark

It's the Dark Metal Empire, dad!

Cool it, kiddo.

My mission of finding
rare Zoids hasn't changed.

I can't quit now, you know?

[Arashi] Well,
where to next, then?

Great question…

We'll just have to see.

It all depends on
where the wind takes me.

So cool.

Good luck.

But don't forget, if you want
peace you've gotta look inside.

Yeah, I'll keep
that in mind, Dad.

-[Ikazuchi] Later!
-[alarmed gasp]

Before you leave!


Wait? What's this?

[Arashi] Your old journal!

Huh? You kept this
piece of junk?

It's not junk!

It is literally what inspired
me to go on my adventure!

If you think this is a good
book you need to read more.


I'm serious!

I'm glad you feel that way.

No matter what.

But you really oughta
get a library card!


[Ikazuchi] Hah, library card.

We'll see you soon, Dad.

Now, who's ready to go
climb that mountain?

[theme music plays]


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