[Narrator] Zoids!

Equipped with a metal body,

animal instincts,
and a fighting spirit,

these fierce creatures
roam the world and

rule it with
their iron might!

But when a human joins
forces with a Zoid,

they form an unmatchable
bond and unlock

a hidden power that
knows no limits!

They call it

Wild Blast!

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪


[Arashi] Yo! What's up with
those scary-lookin' spikes?

I believe there's a
technical term for those,

but I would have to
consult my notes.

Well, as long as Ancient
Treasure Z is there, I'm happy!

One problem, though.

We still don't
know what it'll be.

[Arashi] Speak for yourselves,
I've cracked the code.

You think so?

[Arashi] Get this.

I want you to picture…

the most massive bowl
of soup you've ever seen!

[Arashi] That's what's making

the clouds of
steam we're seeing!

[Arashi] And that smoky smell?

It's the perfectly
cooked ingredients!

Let's go!

How exactly does that
help us beat the Empire?

Food is the source
of all power, guys!

[deflated exhale]

Look… I think
you're just hungry.

I'll make lunch.

I don't know about this.

It seems like it's
right in front of us.

So, why is there a turn-off?

You know what I always say!

[Arashi] Wait for me!

Yes! Correct!

No, no, no, the other thing!

Could you please stay
on topic for once?

I'm taking Dad's advice.

Go where the wind takes you,
so, straight ahead!

He didn't mean that literally.

Let's just follow
the helpful sign.

[Arashi] Pitter-patter,
let's get at 'er!

Wait for me.

Forget him.

Alpha Shadow's got this.

Show us the way.

[Apex] Alpha Shadow
says it's this way.

[Analog] You're facing
the one direction

we physically cannot go.

That's a boulder!

[Apex] Oh… Right.

Sorry, Analog,
but I'm with Arashi.

Something's not right.

We haven't seen any
signs before this one.

And look…

It seems brand new,
like it was just put up.

That's a good point.

Besides, the team's better
off sticking together.

[Router] Your Supremacy?

I regret to inform you that
Operation Detour has failed.

Those meddlesome
children are en route.

Well, of course they are.

You made it too easy.

It's! Just! Not! Fair!

Under normal circumstances
I could launch Plan B!

[amused laugh]

Luckily, there is a solution!

I humbly volunteer to
intervene on your behalf.

I won't disappoint you, sir!

[Drake] I have
the most experience

dealing with those punks.

Let me handle them.

Oh, Drake. I hate to do this.

[surprised gasp]

But you've failed.

You've had a number of
chances to prove yourself

and nothing to show for it.

I love providing
opportunities, though.

So whadd'ya think, Drakey-boy?

Aw… Relax.

[Gigaboss] This isn't about you.
It's that Zoid of yours.

Your previous Zoid didn't
seem to fare much better

when it met Demise,
if I recall correctly.

[evil snicker]

[Deleter] No! Please! C'mon,
guys! I fed him yesterday!

[terrified whimper]

[scared squeal]

Good boy! You hungry?!

[terrified howl]

Now, as I was saying, I would
like to propose an ultimatum!

Capture Liger for me!


Because if you
fail once again…

[Gigaboss] I'll make sure
Ruin is next on the menu.

Don't think I won't
follow through!

The pressure's on, and
Team Freedom is so close

I can almost smell
that legendary Liger.

Your last chance…

It brings a tear to my eye!

Whoo! That new Rapterrix smell!

There's just no way to top it.

Uh, what happened to your old one?

Deactivated! Guess it couldn't
take all the Dark Blasts.

[huge laugh]

[Drake] Quiet!

[alarmed gasp]

Don't forget,

your Zoids aren't
the only things

that can be replaced
around here.

[Deleter 1] I didn't
know it was possible

but Drake's in an even
worse mood than usual!

[Deleter 2]
Something must've set him off.

Let's, uh, stay out
of his way, maybe?

[Arashi] C'mon dude.
Think about it.

What would your parents do?

[Drake thinking]
Spare me the lecture!

It's not like I
actually had a choice.

If you were in my shoes,

you would've done
the exact same thing.

I need you to select a Zoid.

One and only one, the other
will be tossed in the junkyard.

[horrified breath]

[Drake] You owe me
for that day, Ruin.

For sticking my neck out.

[Drake] I learned my lesson.

Let your feelings get in the
way and you've already lost.

You gotta keep 'em in check.

Cuz if you don't control them,
somebody else will control you.

Listen! I call the shots.

Everything I say goes, got it?

[evil laugh]

[Drake] It's time I take
control of my destiny.

[Battalia] Anyone else find
this place kinda creepy?

[Apex] Not really.

[nervous laugh]


But you grew up in the forest.

For people like us, though,

there is something
spooky about it.

What's up, Apex?

[Apex] We're surrounded.

[surprised gasps]

[evil laugh]

You've got nowhere to run!

Gah! It's a trap!

[Arashi] Liger…
We have a problem…

Don't get me wrong,

I know you could make this
jump with your eyes closed.

But even with a trampoline Tanks
could never get enough air.

Speaking of which, what
the heck's taking everyone?

Come on, pick up the pace!

[evil laugh]

[shocked gasp]

Where'd you come from?

Listen up!

This ends here and now!

[Deleter] Alright,
you've got two options.

Surrender or prepare to fight!

Oh! Pick the second one!
Please, please, please!

They're taking too long!
I'm going in!



[pained yell]

[worried squeal]

[worried yells]

This isn't good.
Anybody have a backup plan?

Yeah! Run for it!

[pained yell]

[worried gasp]


Great teamwork!

We're getting pretty good!

Let's keep moving!

That all you got?!

You're pathetic!

[alarmed yell]

[pained yell]

What gives?

You're so tough.

But like, more than usual.

Hah. You wanna know why?

It's called motivation. If I
don't win, Ruin gets scrapped!

You mean…


[Arashi] Just listen to me!

We can help you and Ruin,
but not like this, Drake!


You think you can solve
everything, don't you?

[shocked growl]

[pained howl]

You get all worked up.

See what happens?

You start losing.

Is that so?

Yeah, my feelings
get in the way.

But so do yours.
You just don't see it.

Until you admit the
truth, you can't win.

Go on!

Just let it all out.

You have to stop being scared

and admit you care
about your Zoid!

[shocked gasp]

No, I don't!

It's a hunk of junk,
nothing more!

Please, Drake!

Just admit it!

Full force!

[powered-up roar]

Come on! Stand up!

That's an order!

You understand?!

That's better!

Now put everything
you've got into this!

Cuz if you don't, you're toast!

It's time! System Override!

No, don't do it!

[growing yell]

[Drake] Dark Blast, engage!

Please, think about Ruin.
Is this really what he wants?!

Lay off!

You have no idea who
you're dealing with, punk!

I'm your nightmare!

You asked for it!

[Arashi] Liger! Fire up!

We gotta crank it to eleven!

Let's teach this guy a lesson!

Unleash Wild Blast!

Here goes.

We're saving your Zoid,
whether you like it or not!

Shut up and fight!

[battle cry]

Ruin, you can stop! Seriously!

You don't need to keep this up!

Back off. He listens
to me not you!

Now hit 'em with a Dark Claw!

Oh yeah?!

[Arashi] Ultra… King Claw!


As if that would work!

Check this out!

Hyperspeed Strike!


Let's see you dodge our
new move, I dare you.

Nah, we'll counter!

[battle cries]

No way.

I put everything I had
into this one attack,

and look what happened…

[Drake] They didn't even flinch!

That's 'cuz we've got
each other's backs!

[shocked gasp]

[worried gasp]

What's going on?!

[pained yell]

I see. I think we
got through to Ruin.

[amused chuckle]

[Drake] So you
decided to give up.

That's fine by me.

If I were you,
I'd start running.


He's still here.

What do you want?

Didn't you hear me?

I said scram!

[Drake] Obey my commands!

[angry growl]

Don't make me take you
to the scrapyard myself!

Calm down.

I get it now. I do.

[Drake] You're not
the one giving up. I am.

I did it a long time ago
thinking it would keep us safe.

But it hasn't.

You wanna know why?

It's called motivation. If I
don't win, Ruin gets scrapped!

It's a hunk of junk,
nothing more!

[Drake] I turned my back on you.

But you… You stood by me.


[realizing gasp]

[Drake] What's this?

Hey, congratulations!

Your own Zoid Key?!

That's the ultimate sign
of friendship, trust me!

[Arashi] You should
totally try it out!


Y'ready for this?


[Drake] Ruin! Fire up!

Show me how tough
you really are.

Let's push ourselves to the max!

Unleash Wild Blast!

Awesome! Told you! And now look!

You've got like ten times more
power than your Dark Blast!

You think? Then why
don't you come test me!


Ruin says you don't
stand a chance!

We'll see, Drake! We'll see!



It's unreal. We're so strong.

I know! So glad you like it!

But focus! 'Cuz we're not done!

Hah! Neither are we…

Now, Ruin!

'Kay, Liger!

Hit 'em with
everything you've got!

[exhausted breaths]

So? Who won the battle?

Technically we tied.

But Liger almost had 'em.

That Ultra King Claw
nearly knocked 'em out.

So close. Man!
Next time, though.

I pulled something.

Keep it down.

[Arashi] Bro, you
rocked it out there!

I haven't been this fired
up after a match in ages.

I can't wait to do it again!

[Drake] I said quiet.

[Analog] Somebody's
still grumpy as ever.

What'd you expect?

He's still a Dark
Rider after all--

[Drake] No, I'm not.

I'm putting all that
behind me, I'm done with it.

I'm gonna do my own thing.

[Arashi] You positive?


Cuz look what I got!

A Team Freedom badge,
just for you!

You don't want it?!

You gotta learn to deal
with disappointment, Arashi.

You would be a great
addition to our squad.

We could use your help. Really.

I've always wanted my own
sidekick! How 'bout it?

As if. No, thanks! I'll never
let you boss me around!


[Drake thinking] You're right, Ruin.
We've got a score to settle.

[theme music plays]


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