[Narrator] Zoids!

Equipped with a metal body,

animal instincts,
and a fighting spirit,

these fierce creatures
roam the world and

rule it with
their iron might!

But when a human joins
forces with a Zoid,

they form an unmatchable
bond and unlock

a hidden power that
knows no limits!

They call it

Wild Blast!

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪


We have quite the elevation
gain to make tomorrow, Tanks.

So, do you think you're
up for the challenge?



Good luck.

[Arashi] Why don't you,
uh, come and eat with us?

No, thanks. It's
a little crowded.

Fair! Hey, what's that?!

Back off!

Don't tell me.

Garlic powder?

Yeah, it's garlic powder,
my garlic powder!

Hey, relax, dude!

Hands off!


How 'bout a trade?


[dismayed groan]

It's my powder.

Drake may be on our side,

but it'll be a while
before he loosens up.

Yup. I'm getting déjà vu.

Apex, does this guy
remind you of anyone?

[Arashi] C'mon check out
the logo! Isn't it sweet?!

Even a Deleter could've
designed something better!

[Battalia] Excuse me!


Look me in the eye and
say that again, tough guy.

Hey, hey! No fighting, Battalia!

[surprised gasp]

What's this?


Drake… You draw?

Like a Deleter.

[Drake] Gimme that!

[annoyed growl]

Uh… as in… they're great!

Yeah. Right,
that's what I meant!

My bad!

Silly me, I'm always
getting my words mixed up.

Sorry for dropping your sketchbook.
It was an accident.

I must say, though, your notes
look extremely detailed.

I'd love to read them over with
your permission of course.

You! Need! To! Chill!

Tone it down, please.

Whaddya say we call
it a night, team?

It's getting pretty late.

Sounds good.

It's exhausting
dealing with you two.

Sleep if you want but if you ask
me you're wasting precious time.

The Empire's closing in and they
won't rest until they catch you.

Let 'em come,
we can handle 'em.

We've almost got
Ancient Treasure Z.

Once we find it they won't
stand a chance against us,

trust me.


You think you can win
'cuz of some fairytale?

What's that?

C'mon. That thing's made-up.

Besides even if it were real

you have no idea what
it does or how it works.

Your strategy's weak.

[Apex] It's the only
chance we've got.

That said…

What if we're already too late?

[Analog] You can't
give up hope, guys!

Along the way we've
learned more and more

about what real power means.

What would happen if it
fell into the wrong hands?


It is real, and we're
gonna find it first!

Oh, please.

That's the most childish
thing I've ever heard.

Well, what do
you suggest we do--

[Drake] Face the facts.

And figure out how
to defeat Demise.

[pained yell]

That's the last of them.

The coast is clear.

Let's keep moving!

[Bronson] Everybody stay alert.

There could be more
Deleters lurking nearby.

Roger, what's the latest?

No new intel on enemy positions,

but we should
proceed with caution.


How 'bout you, Ray?
Got anything?

Most of our allies
are retreating.

There's some that are holding
their ground, though.

Shade and Dyna are helping.

If only the rest of their team

could supply some


I guess we're gonna have
to manage without 'em.

Maybe Arashi's crew
will help out, soon.

[Soldier] Whoa!
Who else caught that?!

[Bronson] There's a
full-on meteor shower.

I've been watching 'em
streak by all night.

When I was a kid I'd make
a wish for each one I saw.


Let's focus, time to get
back to the task at hand.

Your wish is our command.


You're all too clever for me.

[shocked gasp]

Hold up!

Defensive positions!

[shocked gasp]


[evil chuckle]


I mean, there's
so many of them…

[tired yawn]

Sorry, but I'm crashing.

[Analog] You're
going to leave now?

I'm not sticking around for
your silly treasure hunt.

[Analog] At least
wait 'til morning!

Or not.

Why didn't you try to stop him?

Let 'im go his own way.

Are you sure?

He's just not ready
to team up with us.

Not yet.

But he'll come around.

[Boombox] Yo. My tummy's
grumblin' for a muffin

Word up, mine's itchin'
for some chicken.

Mine's achin' for some bacon.
Check it out…

Master Drake's here
to save the day!

Oh, just in time! Thought
I was gonna lose my mind!


I don't like the look
you're giving me.

Please, sir.

We were gathering some
top secret intel for ya

but we ran right outta dough.

Could you please buy us
some jelly for our bellies?

Maybe a little hummus
for our stomachs?

First tell me what you
were able to find out.

Team Freedom's heading
up Mount Dread, or

that's what's bein' said.

Who else knows?

Uh… Haxile! Malware, too!

That's not all.

We got a brand new rumor comin'
at you hot off the presses.

Oh, yeah. Gigaboss
is getting' antsy,

he took out a resistance
crew on his own last night.

[Drake] Really?

I forget their leader's name but

I bet some peanut butter and
celery could jog up my memory.

[Deleter] Fished my wish!

[annoyed grumbling]

Haxile's taking forever…

Stop complaining! Got any two's?

Wait. What are we doing
here in the first place?

Who cares? Let's play!

[Analog] Come on, Tanks!
Don't give up!

[noticing grunts]

[Battalia] Keep going!
You're almost there!

[Analog] One step
at a time, buddy!

No way. Isn't that Liger?!

We'll all be winners if we get
him before the boss gets back!

I think we need to take a break.

I know it's tough, but
we have to keep moving.

Hey! Come on, gang.
We're almost there!

Huh? Needle's
picking up a scent.

We're not alone, guys!

[Analog] Gah! Deleters!


[Arashi] It's a trap!

What's the plan?

Here's a plan: we charge 'em!

No surprise.

I can handle these guys.

[pained howls]

[shocked gasps]

[pained howls]

[Analog] It's erupting!

[Battalia] I don't know, Analog.

[Apex] Yeah.
Something's not right.

[Arashi] Those Zoids
are in trouble!

We should help.

Yeah, but how?!

Who has a giant net?

[Apex] There's no time! Move it!

[pained howls]

Hang tight!

Is everyone okay?

[Apex] Yeah!

Needle's fine.

Tanks, too.

Hey, Liger, how about you?

Now, what set off
that explosion?

[shocked gasp]

[Apex] Of course.

It's Haxile.

We should've guessed.

He must've been waiting
for us to arrive.

And I bet he used his
own minions as bait.

You're all very
perceptive, children.

Ah, but alas, my plan only
partially succeeded this time.

I was counting on
my surprise attack

to completely pulverize you.

Takes more than that.

[huge cackle]

[Malware] Look who's
emerging from the shadows!

Your old friend, Malware!

No! They have Rash!

Give him back.

Prepare yourselves for Act Two!

Ha! The Reckoning!

It's thrilling.

I've even got goosebumps!

Ready to be razzled
and dazzled?!

Go ahead, hit us
with your best shot.

But I'm getting that Zoid back.

Now, for my first trick!
System override!

[straining growl]

[Malware] Dark Blast, engage!

[evil laugh]


So what is it you want
from us this time?

Same as always:

to put you out of commission
quicker than you can say payday!

[worried gasp]

They've got Caulers, again!

We have fewer than
we'd like thanks to you,

but there are still
enough for our purposes.

[Arashi] They're
gonna use that move.

Ready transmission!

Hit the enemy with
a Sonar Spike!

[pained yells]

Liger! Go time!


[Apex] Arashi, wait!

[wondering gasp]

[Apex] Get closer before
you pull a Wild Blast.

Keep 'em on their toes.

You charge at Haxile before
he pulls off his move.


[Apex] I've got Malware…

[Apex] Full speed ahead!

[alarmed gasp]

Look out!

[terrified yells]

Let go!

Don't tell me that's it?
Let's see what else you got!

[alarmed yell]

[Apex] Now's our chance!

[Apex] Alpha Shadow!

Fire up!

Let's show them real strength!

This is the power
of the wolf pack!

Unleash Wild Blast!

[alarmed gasp]

Right. We took a bad hit.

Indeed, my dear boy! And you're
about to take another one!

[furious growl]

[shocked gasp]

[pained yell]

[thrilled cackle]

I just feel so alive!

And to see you in such a
cloud of doubt, it fuels me!

Hang in there, buddy.


[Arashi] Stay on target…

That's it, yes.

Come straight to me,
little kitty.

You're playing
right into my hand.

What's that supposed to mean?

I can't shake him!

I know, same!

[evil cackle]

[Malware] This is turning
into a game of whack-a-mole!

[frustrated growl]

This is taking too long.

Enough! I'm tired of waiting.

[Haxile] Let's proceed!

Prepare yourself,
for there's no escape!

System override!

[Haxile] Dark Blast, engage!

We're too late.

Ready transmission!

Hit the enemy with
a Sonar Spike!

[pained howls]

It's even stronger than before.

So, are you enjoying this
version of a classic move?

[struggling growl]


I've got you right where I
want you, open to an attack!

[evil snicker]

My strategy's
working like a charm.

That's what you think!

[Haxile] Phase Z.

Maximum power, Dimomite!

[Haxile] Activate
final Sonar Spike!

[pained cries]

There. It's almost complete.

The Emperor will be so pleased.

You came back!

Hang in there!

What are you doing?!

I didn't account for this!

[intense yell]

What is that boy up to now?

[surprised gasps]

Drake! It took you long enough.

Save it, we've got work to do!

[Arashi] Liger! Fire up!

[Drake] Ruin! Fire up!

Join forces and
double your power!

Don't hold back!

Unleash Wild Blast!


I didn't see that coming!

This is juicy!

Drake, my boy…
I'm disappointed.


Kay, time to join in!

Crank it up to Second Gear!

[Haxile] What's the
meaning of this mutiny?!

I don't have to
explain anything to you.


[Apex] We're up!

Energy Pulse! Hit 'em
with a Sonic Howl!

Hey, this isn't fair!

Arashi! Your turn! Hurry!

[Arashi] Go for it!

King Claw!

Check this out!

Hyperspeed Strike!

[Arashi] Ultra King Claw!

[Deleter] Haxile, sir!

We've just received orders from
Emperor Gigaboss to retreat.

[frustrated growl]

[Malware] Cheaters! I don't
know how, but you've cursed me!

Hey, thanks for the backup.

You all owe me big time, got it?


[warm chuckle]

[alarmed grunts]

[Arashi] Bronson? Ambushed?!

[Drake] It's what I heard.

[Battalia] That can't be.

Perhaps it's just a rumor.

Let's hope.

C'mon, team.


Yeah, Analog's right.

Kay. We gotta keep
our eyes on the prize.

Then we'll get revenge.

Hello? Ancient
Treasure Z, you here?


[wondering sigh]

[Battalia] I don't see anything.

What is it?

Is it buried in the dirt?

No. But it used to be.

[surprised gasps]

Somebody was digging here.

We might be too late.

[alarmed gasps]

I knew I shouldn't've slept in!

It looks pretty recent.

Like it was just dug up today.

You're right.
But who has it now?

[theme music plays]


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