[Narrator] Zoids!

Equipped with a metal body,

animal instincts,
and a fighting spirit,

these fierce creatures
roam the world and

rule it with
their iron might!

But when a human joins
forces with a Zoid,

they form an unmatchable
bond and unlock

a hidden power that
knows no limits!

They call it

Wild Blast!

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪


You've gotta be kidding.

[Arashi] Demise was Ancient
Treasure Z this whole time?!

Why do you sound so surprised?

It's an unstoppable Zoid!

And a precious one, too.


You see how ferocious he is?

I had to override
Ruin's instincts

when I used Dark Blast.

But Demise was made for it.

[Drake] That's a Zoid
built for destruction.


Enough standing around talking.

He's getting hungry!

[pained howl]

[Bastion] Ready for our
next big hit? Wrecking Ram!

[pained howl]

[Malware] The walls
are closing in.

[Haxile] You cannot win!
Accept it!

Your only options
are to surrender

or to suffer a
humiliating defeat.

[Dyna] As if! This isn't
over by a long shot!

[pained howl]


[shocked gasps]

No way!

It's Zaber Fang!

How dare you interfere!

I guess we'll have
to punish you!


What's the meaning of this?!

Obey your orders!

[shocked gasps]


Their minds are
playing tricks on them!

Yes, so it seems.

But we always knew they
were delusional, didn't we?

[Haxile] Impossible!

Never in the course of history

has a Zoid activated
a Wild Blast on its own!

You think he's alone?
Guess again.

He's got his team by his side.

[Dyna] And we're
together no matter what.

You can't beat Team Supreme!

[frustrated grunts]

That's not fair!

I want that thing destroyed!


[bracing yells]

What happened to my Hacker Key?!

It doesn't make any sense.

[terrified gasp]

Yo, you seein' what I'm seein'?

They've both regained control!


Rash, you're back!

[pained groan]

[nervous chuckles]

You did it again. You saved us.

Even when you're not here.

You find a way to help.

You're the boss. Forever.

Thank you. For everything.

See you around.

[Gigaboss] Yoohoo!
Why don't you come closer?

Demise is rather hungry,

and I don't think
he's had Liger before.

[Gigaboss] Don't worry,
It'll be quick!

[devious laughter]

[Drake] You scared?

'Cuz if you are, scram.

You can't hesitate.
Not for a second.

You think I'd be afraid of him?

As if! Let's go!

[Arashi] Liger! Fire up!

[Drake] Ruin! Fire up!

Unleash Wild Blast!

[thrilled cackle]

Well done!

[Router] Wait! Your greatness!

Your most loyal subject is here
to protect you from these mis--

[pained yell]

Please! Master!

[Router] Have mercy!

Stop! He's on your side!

I know, but what
are you gonna do?!


Bow to Emperor Gigaboss

and may all of Ferroterra
sing his glorious name!

Nice one! You good?

Why wouldn't I be?

I'm tough you know?
Even more so than you--

Look out!

[horrified gasps]

Needle, no!

[relishing cackle]

Look! They're
serving appetizers!

[horrified howl]

[shocked gasps]


How dare you interrupt
Demise's lunch!


Get up, Needle.

Yoohoo, I'm back!

Oh, golly, I hope
you didn't miss me.

[evil chuckle]

You look so delicious
when you're upset!

[Gigaboss] Oh, don't cry.
It's just a Needle!

Leave my friends alone!

[worried gasps]

[furious howl]

Wonderful, now this
is a spicy dish!

[furious howl]

Yes! That's more like it!

[seething growl]


They're back!


I feel so alive!

Fuel me with your anger!

Enough! You're done!

Out of the way little bug!

[Master Bug] You called?!

Send him flying!

Activate Ferrosphere!

[relishing cackle]

[exhausted breath]

He's gotten stronger since
we last saw each other.

Nice one!

[excited chuckle]

Woo! Wow!

[evil laugh]

Now that was invigorating!



[pained howl]


[shocked gasp]

[Arashi] Zaber Fang!

No way.

Well, if this isn't a pleasant surprise,
I don't know what is.

But he looks so lonely
without his Rider,

wouldn't you agree Arashi?

[angry growl]

Hey, team!

I'm gonna do whatever
it takes to beat Demise!

[Arashi] But I need
you to promise me,

so no one else gets hurt.

I have to do this alone!

But, Arashi, we can help!

[Arashi] Liger wants this!


I can't control
all his energy!


[shocked gasp]

You need to get out of here!

Then make us.

I dare you!

After everything
we've been through,

you think we'd run when
the going got tough?

Well, no…

Look, we ain't gonna
stop 'till the music drops.

You mean that?

I don't think we
signed up just to bail

in the darkest hour, did we?

That's not it!

We can't sit back and
watch you do this alone,

we just can't do it.

You gave me hope. Let me stay!


We're friends, aren't we?

We have each other's backs.

Right 'til the end.

'Cuz we're Team Freedom!

[Master Bug] Sorry to interrupt.

But I have a
theory about Demise.

You see.

Ancient Treasure Z
is a destructive force

but it can be controlled.

A great leader once
rose to the occasion

and bonded with that Zoid.

What?! No way!

That's right.

But this time Gigaboss is
that leader from the legend.

It's hopeless.

I believe you're jumping
to conclusions there.

[Master Bug] You don't need to
be an Emperor to be a leader.

When the ancient
one hid his power,

he didn't lock it in a chest,
but in a Zoid.

What better choice than Liger,
the king of Zoids himself.

He has the authority to
keep Demise in check.

So does his Rider.

They share this ancient duty.

Arashi, it's you who can
restore balance to the world.

Rise up!

For peace.

For us!

For all!

You ready?

I'm not sure.


Now, are you done with
your little tea party?

[Gigaboss] I hope so.

Because I'm gonna prove
your little story wrong!

I'm getting in on this.

Let's go, guys! Together!



This is new. Juicy!

[Arashi] Look out, Gigaboss!

'Cuz I know exactly
what I'm supposed to do!

Demise! I'm gonna give you the
taste of freedom you deserve!

[battle cry]

That's it! Closer!

[maniacal giggle]

[Greta] Uh, oh. Rain.

You know, I think I've
earned a break by now.

[Battalia] Incredible.

It's a battle of
truly epic proportions.

Be safe.

Stay strong!

Don't give up!

You must be kidding.

I'm losing my patience with
these dysfunctional Hacker Keys.

[pained howl]


And Demise runs
away like a coward.

What are you waiting for?

This is a chance
to get your revenge.

[maniacal laugh]

We can't stop! We gotta get
through to Demise somehow!

Go big!


I've never seen a
Wild Blast like that.


Show him what we
can do together!

[Arashi] Ultra King Claw!

[Drake] Is it over?


Listen to me!

Come on.

Why're you even fighting
in the first place?

[Arashi] Gigaboss woke
you up to make his own

selfish dream come true.

If it wasn't for him, you'd
still be resting right now.

He's using you.

But this is your chance to

choose your
destiny for yourself.

[Arashi] Don't you want peace?
Harmony? Freedom?

Liger. D'you remember
how we got into this?

Here's a clue. It wasn't to
pick fights and hurt people.

Course not…

We were hoping to make
friends and see the world!

[Arashi] Power?
Totally overrated.

[Arashi] But following
your dreams…

Good luck trying to top that!

So how about you join
us on our journey?


Ferroterra's so big,

you can't just watch over it
from the top of this volcano.

[Arashi] You gotta see it for yourself.
Be a part of it.

I bet there's an awesome
Rider out there for you.

One who's always got
your back. I'm positive!


No, stop!

[shocked gasp]

Ha, so much for
your little pep talk!


Let go of them right now!

[pained howl]

Yes! It's… Perfect…

Please, Demise!

[Arashi] Don't do this!

[pained howl]

[triumphant yell]


[battle cry]

[Arashi] Go for it!

King Claw!

[worried gasp]

I'm sorry, Demise!

[Battalia] Well, mission
accomplished. Right?

[Analog] I guess…

[Arashi] What's the matter?

[Analog] I don't
want to split up.

We're not splitting up we're
just going our own ways.

We're Team Freedom, forever!

You really mean that?


We'll never be truly apart.

No matter what road you take,
you aren't alone.

'Cuz you've always got
a piece of Team Freedom!

[affirmative grunts]

[affirmative grunt]

[Arashi] Now get out there!

[theme music plays]


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