[Narrator] Zoids!

Equipped with a metal body,

animal instincts,
and a fighting spirit,

these fierce creatures
roam the world and

rule it with
their iron might!

But when a human joins
forces with a Zoid,

they form an unmatchable
bond and unlock

a hidden power that
knows no limits!

They call it

Wild Blast!

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪


[considering groan]

[Gigaboss] What to do?

I don't know who
disappoints me more,

my minions,
or these Hacker Keys.

Perhaps with a bit of discipline
they'll bend into shape!

[nervous breath]

[Gigaboss] Being
Emperor's no easy task.

Yes! Well, Your Grace,
would you like me to

intervene and capture
those meddlesome rebels?


Besides, I have a feeling

they'll be paying us
a visit very soon.

It's a new Drake!

I think we have a new head chef!

[Battalia] I admire
your technique!

Stop that!

What? We're fans! That's all!

'Kay, it's time to help!

[Battalia] Stick goes in…

And done!

Whoa! You passed
the Arashi taste test!

[pleased chuckle]

Hey! Where're your
table manners, huh?

[exasperated exhale]

I guess Apex didn't
learn them, either.

[annoyed breath]

Is something the matter, Drake?

[Battalia] Forget these guys,
they can't help being rude.

No. Just not hungry anymore.

[Analog] Come on!

You know you want to!

Unfortunately, you're
gonna have to get used to

eating with the team, new guy.

Look out! I'm joining the party!

Me too.

Uh, could I get some privacy?

Sure thing. We'll
close our eyes for ya!

Now we can't bother you.

Yeah, it's like
we're not even here.

[annoyed grumble]

[Drake] Eat.

[cheeky chuckle]

[warm chuckles]

So, let's figure this out.

Ancient Treasure Z.

It's gone. I can't believe
someone else beat us to it.

I wonder, could it
just be a coincidence?

So, you're thinking some
random people dug it up?

What if it was Gigaboss?

No way! Come on!

There's gotta be
another explanation!

[Child] Whoa! Check it out!

[Child] It's like a Zoid circus!

[wondering grunts]

[excited chatter]

Maybe they know…

[Pach] You've got exclusive
intel on Ancient Treasure Z?


These grounds teem with the
wisdom of those who came before.

It's about time I passed it
on to the next generation.

We're honored, Master Bug.

Pay close attention.

[Master Bug] Long ago, Demise
rampaged across Ferroterra.

He preyed on Zoids,
terrorized mankind,

and destroyed
everything in sight.

Swords and spears were
no match for his fury.

He was the greatest predator
the world had ever known

and his power went
completely unchecked.

One village chief,
driven to desperation,

volunteered to
confront the beast alone.

Rather than take up
arms against him,

he pleaded with him
to spare his community

and presented him
with a peace offering.

To his astonishment,

Demise responded in kind and
offered him a gift of his own.

A Zoid Key.

By some miracle,

these two unlikely friends
formed the ultimate bond.

And together, they restored
balance to Ferroterra.

What happened to
this rider, you ask?

That remains a mystery.

But his power is still
a part of our world.

They say he hid it
deep in the ground

so that one day
it may rise again.

Now I think that
day has finally come.

[astonished grunts]

Learn from history,
Team Supreme,

or the world will
descend into chaos.

Sorry, but you're telling
us all we gotta do is

go find Demise
some kinda present?

And what exactly does this have
to do with Ancient Treasure Z?

I can't give you all
the answers, unfortunately.

But I found a poem you
may be interested to hear.

Perhaps it will
shed a bit of light.

[Master Bug] O, King
of grand domain,

The beast has run amok,

Secure the flame
and make him tame,

So balance can be struck.

Back up!

Sounds to me it's
saying that only a king

can learn to control Demise.

How could you keep this
to yourself for so long,

I mean haven't you pieced
together who it's describing?

The Emperor, clearly!

Right! We have to
warn Team Freedom.

Let's go!

Hang on tight!

[pleased chuckles]

[nervous grunts]

I'm no good at heights!

Yeah, this just ain't right!

[Scrapes] Abort mission!

[Master Bug] They're right to
hurry to their friends' aid.

But I can't help but feel like

there's something
crucial that we've missed.

Interpreting old tales
is so challenging!

Why do they have to make
them a confusing mess!

[excited gasp]

Yes, I just got a
stroke of inspiration!

I'll come up with my own!

A brand-new legend
written by yours truly!


I should write it as a
romantic sci-fi adventure!

Quickly! To the study!

[interested humming]

[noticing gasp]

[Master Bug] A smudge
in my journal? But how?!

I've done everything to
keep my study hidden,

and nobody gets in or out
without my knowledge!

[worried gasp]


Marcellus! Access to
this space is forbidden!

I'll let you off with a warning
but get back to training!

Yes, that's right…

I didn't think much
of it at the time.

What if he read the prophecy?

Could that discovery
be what started this?

Can we help you, folks?

Maybe you can.

Have you seen anyone
come up this way?

Maybe with digging equipment?

So the treasure's gone?

We're too late!

What if the Empire got to it?

Uh, hi!

'Scuse me.

Is it okay if we play
with your Zoids for a bit?

Yeah! Go for it!

[Child] Awesome!

[excited chatter]

Pretty easy to make them smile.


Hey, don't be shy! You're free
to go play with Tanks, as well!

'Kay, we'll get
to him in a minute.

Of course.

They hate him!

You jealous, Analog?


Sorry, but he doesn't
seem that popular today.

But why…

We're just teasing you.

Look at 'em.

[thrilled gasp]


They've lost hope.

[Arashi] But the kids haven't.

Okay. Chin up!

Wait a minute…

[Arashi] Uh, what's the matter?

I know him.

That guy's Drake!

You're right!
I recognize him, too!

Why is he hanging out with you?!

Children, come back!

Time for us to leave.
It's not safe.

[disappointed sighs]

Relax, everything's okay.

I know it's surprising,

but he's working to help
the resistance, now.

Sure… You think I'd buy that?

There's no way the Empire's
most vicious warrior

would join our cause.

Look I get it. Just trust me--

Even if we believed you,

how could you expect us
to forgive what he's done?

[Soldier] He destroyed our
homes, attacked innocent Zoids,

and separated us from our
friends. He's ruthless!

It's about time Drake should
have to answer for his crimes!

[shocked breath]

[angry growls]

Calm down.

[surprised breath]

I understand why you're upset.

But he's trying to
make things right.

That's right!

Let's talk about this
in a civilized manner.

Look, you can't reason
with an evil monster!

Hey, enough with
the name-calling.

What? We're telling
it like it is!

Step back.

We're teaching him a lesso--

You're gonna have
to go through me!

We all deserve a second chance!

Out of our way.

[shocked gasp]

You got a problem with him,
you gotta deal with me.

[Drake] Everyone, clear out!

[alerted gasps]

Run for cover!

[Drake] Ruin! Fire up!

Let's smash these
rocks to pieces!

Okay! Show me what you can do!

Unleash Wild Blast!

[alarmed yells]

[pained groan]

Hello! Little help here?


[Arashi] Liger! Fire up!

[Apex] Alpha Shadow! Fire up!

Team Freedom stands as one!

Max power!

Unleash Wild Blast!

[Arashi] Go for it!

King Claw!

Show no mercy!

[battle cries]

Wow! We coulda' been goners!

Close one.

[alarmed yells]

Run for it, quick!


[Bastion] Tryke! Fire up!

[Bastion] Guess who's
about to drop a sick beat!

Yeah! Bastion is in the house!

Unleash Wild Blast!

[Bastion] Who's ready
for our greatest hit?!

Wrecking Ram!

Dude! You're back!

Got that right, my
moves are outta sight!

Ha, for sure!

Hey, bro. Did ya miss me?

[Arashi] You bet!

And if I may, you look
better than before!

A little vacation does some
good, am I right, buddy?!

[pained groan]

Oops. Maybe I spoke too soon.


You and your friends
saved our entire squad.

We really owe you one.

[warm laugh]

Hold on.

Thank Drake, he's the one who
stood up and helped everybody.

Do you really think an evil
monster would do that?

He put it all on the line.

I know he wants to help us out.

I know I don't
deserve forgiveness.

But I do want you to know that
I'm sorry for what I've done.

I've hurt a lot of people,
and can't change that now.

Well said.

Yo, time out. You gotta
bring me up to speed.

How come Drake's a
part of our entourage?

Oh, right.

I guess he has
been gone a while…

He is the latest
addition to Team Freedom!

That's not true!

No way! You're on the team?!

Apex! He kinda
reminds me of you!

Take that back!

[Soldier] We're off, then.

Don't worry. We'll keep an eye
out for Ancient Treasure Z.

Maybe someone in the
Resistance found it.

Stay safe out there!

[thrilled laughing]


[Child] Hey, Drake?

Thank you for letting
us play with Ruin.

I was kinda scared
of him at first.

But he's really sweet
when you get to know him.

Y'got that right.

[Soldier] Alright, kids!
It's time to go!

Okay! We're coming!

See you later!

I'm counting on it!

You know…

Did you guys see how
happy it made those kids

when they were
playing with our Zoids?

Watching them play…

It reminded me what
we're fighting for.

I think it's just what I needed.

[Arashi] People have been
through so much, lately.

I needed to remember that we're
trying to make the world better.

And we gotta keep our eyes on
the prize. We owe it to them.

Do you know what I think?

[Arashi] I've got Liger…

And the strongest crew around.

Let's stop messing around.

Where is Gigaboss, Drake?

What're you gonna do, huh?

Storm in and ask
for an apology?

We'll come up with a plan.

That's right!

If we put our heads
together we can definitely--

Wake up!

This isn't a game.

He has Demise on
his side, remember?

You can't win.

I'm sorry, but
you're on your own.

What? You're just gonna leave?!


I'm not gonna stop you from
doing what you have to do.

Find your own way.

But Team Freedom's on a mission.

So tell us where his base is!

Over there.

Thanks, Drake.

We could use you,

but I'm just glad you're
with the good guys now.

[Drake] It's a straight shot.

Follow that road and
you can't miss it.

Got it.

Good luck.

Thanks, bro.

If you don't mind me asking
what have you two got going on?

Unfinished business.

Unfinished business…
What d'ya mean?



Hurry up!

The sun's going down!

Oh, that's a good point.

Hey, we'll catch ya later, 'kay?!

[Drake] Sorry, Arashi. Maybe
one day, you'll understand.

[Drake] You still
believe you can make

the world a better place.

You have hope.

That's not my story, though.

I'm on a different path.

And I've got to go it alone.

I know what I have to do.

For both of us.

We've been
waiting for this day.

Let's end this
once and for all.

Oh, hi, Greta!

Where are you going
at a time like this?

It's the middle of the night!

We've got big plans!

We're heading for
the Empire base!


Sorry, but there definitely

isn't one of those
in that direction.

[shocked gasps]

No, I'm positive Drake
told us it was this way.

Well, then somebody's lying.

[shocked gasp]

You're right!

[Router] Deleters
lend me your ears!

The battle to end all
battles is coming!

Are you ready to
do his bidding?!


[Router] Excellent.
And who is it you serve?!

Say it loud! I want to
feel the earth tremble!

Gigaboss! Gigaboss! Gigaboss!

Gigaboss! Gigaboss! Gigaboss!

[Gigaboss] Look who's here!

[shocked gasp]

It's always disappointing
when you can guess

the surprise someone's planned
for you, wouldn't you say?

This the best you can do?

[annoyed growl]

[hysterical groan]

[theme music plays]


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