[Narrator] Zoids!

Equipped with a metal body,

animal instincts,
and a fighting spirit,

these fierce creatures
roam the world and

rule it with
their iron might!

But when a human joins
forces with a Zoid,

they form an unmatchable
bond and unlock

a hidden power that
knows no limits!

They call it

Wild Blast!

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

♪ Zoids Wild! ♪

[Drake] It's a straight shot.

Follow that road and
you can't miss it.

Got it.

Good luck.

Thanks, bro.

If you don't mind me asking
what do you two got going on?

Unfinished business.

Unfinished business?
What d'ya mean?



Hurry up!

The sun's going down!

Oh, that's a good point.

Hey, we'll catch
ya later, 'kay?

[Drake thinking] Sorry, Arashi.
Maybe one day, you'll understand.

You still believe you can
make the world a better place.

You have hope.

That's not my story, though.

I'm on a different path.

[Router] Deleters!
Lend me your ears!

The battle to end
all battles is coming!

Are you ready to
do his bidding?!


[Router] Excellent.
And who is it you serve?!

Say it loud! I want to
feel the earth tremble!

Gigaboss! Gigaboss! Gigaboss!

Gigaboss! Gigaboss! Gigaboss!

[Gigaboss] Look who's here!

[shocked gasp]

It's always disappointing

when you can guess the surprise
someone's planned for you,

wouldn't you say?

This the best you can do?

[annoyed growl]

[hysterical groan]


[Drake] Listen up, Gigaboss!

I'm done. I've done your
dirty work for too long.

Ready? 'Cuz I'm about to
give you what you deserve!

[Drake] The Empire has
taken everything from me,

and now you're gonna pay!

[angry growl]

What a powerful speech, Drake!

Well done!

You've earned yourself a gift!

I assume you came to take Demise
and try to turn him against me.

Well, here he is!


[angry growl]

You're on!

Now, get him!

[amused laugh]

Looks like he's got no
problem taking orders from me!

No, wait!
That's the wrong way!

[relishing laugh]

[pained yell]

Oops. Didn't think
about that, huh?

Stop it! You can't!

Let him go!

Down, boy!

[Analog] How could
Drake do this to us?!

Hey, you really need
to calm down, Arashi.

Well, I can't calm down, Analog!
We need to stop Gigaboss!

Look, we can't have you losing
your cool in there, Arashi.

[Bastion] Yeah, remember
what happened the last time

we squared off against
Gigaboss, bro?!

[annoyed growl]

[Arashi thinking] They're right.

What if I lose control again?

[Arashi] You're finished!

[furious howl]

[furious yell]


Destroy him!

Make my day!

Arashi! Wake up.

Come on!

We're here!

[realizing gasp]

[Quade] That was a close one.
I told you to scram.

Huh? What?

You got guts, kid…

I like that about you.

Wait! Stay!


[shocked gasp]

Something's coming!

[shocked gasp]


[Router] Greetings, sleepyheads!

Or should I say intruders!


His Faultlessness has a
message for you pathetic lot!

Guess who's taken
Drake prisoner?!

No way!

You can't!

Oh, of course I can.

But for a small price
I'll set him free!

[Router] You're cordially
invited to my home,

as long as you bring a gift!

See, what I'd like more than
anything is my Hacker Key!

So, don't be shy! Come on over!

I can introduce you
to all of my friends!

[Router] Ta-ta!

You're going to invade
the Empire's base?!

[Greta] Nobody's ever come
out of there in one piece!

It's our only chance
to save Drake.

We have no other choice.

[Battalia] Here you go…

[Battalia] A letter
for back home

and a little
something for you.

It's just my way
of saying thank you.

Yeah you're the best
hauler in the biz!

Look, I see right
through your little game.

You're trying to butter
me up for a discount.

'Course not. We're gonna
miss you, that's all.

Stay safe.

We will.

Oh, and you still owe me!


[Master Bug] Pick
up the pace, Gyro!

If the reports are correct,

Team Freedom is already on
their way to launch an attack!

We must tell them
everything we know

before it's too late! Hurry!

Well… That must be it…

Uh, I'm not complaining,
but where are the guards at?

Oh, I'm sure they're around.

I bet they're waiting
for us to make a move.


Fine, let's show 'em!

Word! Couldn't've said better
if I wrote it in a letter!

Can you two keep up?

Sweet! You ready?


[shocked gasps]

[Battalia] Look out!

Huh. Funny seeing you here…

Thanks, Snare!

Last I checked I was
still part of the crew.

Sure are!

[Snare] This must be
the welcoming committee.

Yo, if you're all
this easy to beat

your boss is gonna
be in for a treat!

'Kay. Let's try this again!

So, fill me in, what's the plan?

We're glad you asked that.

The Arashi special.

You wanna tell her?

You bet!

We're gonna charge!

They're coming.

[shocked gasps]


[Analog] They're coming
around the other side!

So, did you do as you were
told and bring the key?

No tricks, now.

The boss doesn't
take kindly to those,

trust me I've tried plenty!

Stay back!

[pained howls]

Full force!

[pained yell]


[pained howls]


If I were the Emperor

I would fire these Deleter
weaklings on the spot.

We'll just have to
finish the job, then!

Sounds like the party's begun.

[evil chuckle]

[Gigaboss] How exciting!

I wonder if any of
them will join us?

Poor little Drake,
you must be so bored.

[pained yell]

Hang tight!

[battle cry]

Over here!

[Malware] Yoo-hoo!

[worried gasp]
Dodge, quick!

Hey! That's not fair!

Too bad! Dyna?

Run, Arashi.
We'll take care of 'em.

You got it! Thanks, gang!

Hey bro!

We can hold the
fort down over here.

Go! Drake's waitin' on a rescue!

Give the guy a hand, 'kay?!

Okay… Be safe!

Come on… Let's roll!

[battle cry]

I'm sure Grax and Rash don't
truly want to battle us.

But we gotta do
what we gotta do.

Yeah, it's the only way forward.

Ready? Let's go!

[Analog] Tanks! Fire up!

[Bastion] Tryke! Fire up!

[Dyna] Winghorn! Fire up!

[Shade] Flyhorn! Fire up!

Unleash Wild Blast!

Looks like we'll have
to deal with these four.

Them? But they
don't have it in them

to attack their friends' Zoids!

[angry grunts]


[shocked gasp]

No! It's Numb-Lock!

[Numb-Lock] You got
that right. Check it out.

I got a new tricked-out kit and
now I'm gonna rock your world!

Swing and a miss, old man!

Hey! What is this stuff?!

[Numb-Lock] Dragz! Tear it up!

[shocked gasp]

Fine, take this!

[Apex] Stop!

Don't use your Wild Blast,
you'll need it later!

I have no choice!

How else are we gonna
get past this joker?!

You don't have to worry
about that, he's mine!

Get Drake. And watch Arashi!

Can do.

Let's go.

Now! Run!

Hey! Get back here!

[pained grunt]

You wanna go?

You bet I do!

No. I'll handle him alone.

We'll share, then.

[Apex] Alpha Shadow! Fire up!

[Snare] Phobia! Fire up!

Unleash Wild Blast!

Yo, Drake! You here?!

Start countdown! Cue drum roll!

[Numb-Lock] Give
'em a breakdown!

[Snare] I can't see!

[Numb-Lock] Knuckle Pound!

[Snare] I got you now!
Capture Claw!

Get squashed, you bug!

No! Wait!

[pained howl]

Whoa! What's going on out there?

[Battalia] Focus!
We have to keep moving!

Yeah, but, our friends!

It's like you say.

[Battalia] Eyes on the prize!

Battalia! You and
Needle are hurt!

It's fine, we're gonna make it.

We're a team. That means
I've got your back.

[Battalia] It's not just
Drake counting on us.

So stay strong! Now charge!

[howling yell]

Perfect, I was hoping
there'd be more of you guys!

[Battalia] Needle! Fire up!

Unleash Wild Blast!

Show 'em what we're made of!

[shocked gasp]

Let him go!

Get away… This is
what he wants.

Welcome to my humble abode.

I won't ask again!

Did I hit a nerve?!

Perhaps if you gave me
the Hacker Key I requested

I would be a touch more
receptive to your demands.

Promise you'll set him free.

Of course.

[worried gasp]

No, don't do it!

Hand it to him
and it's all over!

Oh, hush now. Stop
trying to spoil our fun.

Come on! Just run!

[pained yell]

No, Drake!

Quit stalling!

Now, boy! Give it to me!

[straining groan]

I need you, Ruin!


[worried gasp]

Not good!

[pained yell]

[Gigaboss] How naughty.

Taking what isn't yours.

I didn't raise you
to act like this.

[weak groaning]

Finally you've come back!

[excited laugh]

How I've missed you!

[worried grunt]

[Gigaboss] Oh, by the way.

You never did find
Ancient Treasure Z, did you?

Well today's your lucky day!

[wondering gasp]

You can check it off your
list now because it's here.

It's staring at you in the face!

Wait, what?

The legend…
All that work we did…

[Gigaboss] All for nothing!

The only Ancient Treasure in
this room is old Demise, here!

[shocked gasps]

[Gigaboss] And now this.

My new Hacker Key!

Shall we?


It's working!

Seal their fate.
System override!

Dark Blast, engage!

There's no way.

What can we do against
that level of power?

After all this time,
Arashi, my boy,

what a sweet gift
you've given me.

[evil giggle]

[theme music plays]


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