The main rules page has been locked. As they impact every contributor, rules are not something that should be changed regularly, regardless of how small the changes may be. Changes to the rules will only be made after extensive discussion. Feel free to discuss the rules on this talk page, all members are welcome to voice their opinions on either the existing rules, or propose alternative rules. Sylvanelite 13:15, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Archive and summary

Talk:Zoids Wiki Rules/Archive 1

The above link contains discussion prior to the time of this post. Some noteworthy points are:

  • Reiteration that:
    • The naming rule only applies to the title of a page, not the content, and only when conflicts arise;
    • The naming rule applies to ALL pages, not just models alone, characters alone, Zoids alone, etc;
    • Popularity is to be cited by evidence of consumption (for instance, sales figures, number of re-runs, etc), and should not be biased to any particular media (specifically, internet forums are a very poor gauge of popularity); and,
    • All specific examples should be brought up on their talk page, not here.
  • Clarification that:
    • Gauges of "amount of information" or "relevance" are usually very hard to quantify and are hence subjective;
    • Many pages have not been kept up-to-date. This is not because of exemptions in the rules, but rather simple lack of manpower;
    • The rules may be vague at times. This is intentional, to allow flexibility;
    • The wikia is an English wikia. It should be inherently targeted toward English audiences, even when the original content is targeted at Japanese audiences; and
    • The ONLY purpose of the rules is to provide a way to resolve arguments. All alternative proposals MUST accomplish this.

Talk:Zoids Wiki Rules/Archive 2

The above link contains some discussion about naming conventions and the like. No clear consensus was reached, as such the rules were not amended.

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