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Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter is an Arcade Game featuring Zoids predominantly from the Zoids: Wild series. You can collect cards obtain in-game custom parts for Zoids. It was released on January 24th, 2019.

Players for a team of three by loading Zoid cards, and gaining digging points. As players dig, they can obtain new Zoid cards.

A single play lasts aproximately 8 minutes, and players can save their progress after a play.

There are two main types of cards, "Zoids Cards" and "Battle Support Cards". In addition there are Commantary and Adventure Log Cards.

Rarity of Zoids is split into: Wild Rare (WR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), Normal (N) and Secret Rare (SC).

「ゾイドワイルド バトルカードハンター 第1弾CM パーツゲットキャンペーン告知 付き」!

「ゾイドワイルド バトルカードハンター 第1弾CM パーツゲットキャンペーン告知 付き」!

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