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Zoids franchise logo (1999 - 2002, Japan)

Zoids (Japanese ゾイド (zoido)), short for Zoic Androids, is a franchise featuring large, bio-mechanical creatures known as Zoids, based on multiple series of plastic model kits manufactured by the Japanese company Tomy (now Takara-Tomy).

First released in 1982, the models resemble a range of species including dinosaurs/reptiles, insects, and mammals. The majority are in 1:72 scale with a wind-up or battery-powered motor to power moveable features, and feature snap-together construction and precolored parts. The original line was released in Japan, Europe, and the United States during the 1980s.

Prior to the release of Zoids: Wild, the franchise had 44 million cumulative units shipped and cumulative sales of over ¥83.0 billion.


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For a full list of Zoids, see the List of Zoids article.

Model Kit lines[]

Main article: Zoids model releases

There have been a number of different Zoids model lines over the years, both in Japan and other countries. Between these lines, over 200 different designs have been released, some several times over.

Battle Story[]

Main article: Battle Story

Battle Story is a narrative portrayed solely with released Zoids models. Specifically, Zoid Boxes and promotional media included in model kits have had a "Battle Story" attached to them. Not all model kits have a Battle Story included with them (notably, international releases had plain boxes without any battle story printed on them).


Main article: Anime

The six main anime series based on the Zoids franchise are: Zoids: Chaotic Century, Zoids: New Century, Zoids: Fuzors, Zoids: Genesis, Zoids: Wild, and Zoids: Wild ZERO. The first four of these series take place on the planet Zi.

Note, on this wiki, Zoids: Guardian Force is used to refer to the second half/season of Chaotic Century, and "Guardian Force" is an umbrella term for all events that occur after the time skip.

Print Media[]

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Zoids have appeared in numerous publications, including Japanese Manga, Western comics and magazines.

Video Games[]

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Zoids games have been released for nearly all major consoles. Most games have only been released in Japan, with the USA receiving the majority of English-language games. Few games have been released in PAL regions.